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October 18, 2007

Another Reason Jindal Is BAD…

and a rabid cross-wearing and faith-based fruit bat:

“The candidates also differ on gay rights, where Jindal is the only candidate who said he would not renew a 2004 executive order by Blanco barring state agencies and outside contractors from discriminating in their hiring practices on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, political affiliation or disabilities.”

“Jindal said that although he does not believe in discrimination, he fears the executive order’s potential effect on nonprofit groups that contract with the government. Jindal said such groups should be allowed to discriminate in their hiring practices while still receiving tax dollars.

“I’d want to make sure we weren’t driving out faith-based providers from state government, from providing state services,” Jindal said.”

“Jindal, meanwhile, is the only candidate to call for the repeal of hate-crimes laws, which provide added penalties for crimes motivated by animosity toward a particular person or group based on race, age, gender, religion or sexual orientation.”

And of course a statement by a spokesperson from one of Bobby’s loyal supporters showing that excessive religious self-indulgence severely lessens the mind’s capability toward rational thought:

“Gene Mills, director of the Family Forum, said the term “sexual orientation” could be broadly construed to include pedophiles as a protected class of worker in state government.

“If one describes his propensity for minors as a sexual orientation and it says there should not be grounds for firing, then you arguably have a legal dilemma there,” Mills said.”

Sexual orientation is defined as to which sex one is attracted to. Pedophilia refers to one who has sex with children. Almost 98% of reported cases of this sickness is attributed to adults, and most of them are bat-shit crazy religionists. The rest are just sickos.

Homosexuals aren’t into this type of thing… many of them have suffered during their childhoods at the hands of the creatures mentioned above. The last thing on their minds is to commit the same atrocities inflicted upon their bodies.

As for the Trans folk, never would that kind of desire cross our minds, but we are about gender identity and not orientation. Yet all of us are painted with a “heterosexual crime” brush wielded by the hands of morons who ARE NOT in touch with themselves, their identities or their sexualities.

Next thing these nut-jobs will want is to be allowed to burn witches. Oh shit! That’ll be strike three for me! Just bugger me with a telephone pole.

October 3, 2007

The Human Rights Campaign is Back on My Shit-List

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Donna Rose resigned today from the HRC over it’s hollow promises to the Trans community. For myself, it means going back to war against those who only seek their own welfare and just fuck all the rest of us.

Here is Donna’s resignation letter:

October 3, 2007

My statement in response to the recently announced Human Rights Campaign position on ENDA:

Community.  Integrity.  Leadership.  Vision.  These are the foundational pillars of Equality.  These are the values that draw many of us into advocacy roles.  Those tenets provide a clear roadmap when things like politics, expediency, agenda, and power cloud the picture as they so often do.  They pave the way to the moral high-ground, and those who follow them with trust and patience will ultimately find their efforts rewarded.

My name is Donna Rose, and I am the first and only openly transgender member of the Board of Directors of the Human Rights Campaign.  I am the national co-chair for Diversity.  I am the co-chair appointee-elect for the Business Council.  I have spoken at events around the country on behalf of the organization, and I am a respected advocate for the transgender community.

My participation on the HRC Board has been a heavy burden.  The relationship between HRC and the transgender community is one scarred by betrayal, distrust, and anger.  I have become a focal point for much of that frustration and I accepted that responsibility with the hope that I could help to change it.  In some very real ways I think I have been able to do that, or at least to help make that happen, and am tremendously proud of all we have achieved.

HRC has done some wonderful work to support the transgender community.  Workplaces around the country are recognizing the unique challenges faced by transgender employees and are moving in record numbers to protect them as valued members of an inclusive workforce.  Educational tools to help demystify our lives and to provide a human perspective have paved to way to a better understanding of who we are and our challenges.  We have set high standards and we have held others accountable to them.  The question at hand is whether we, as an organization, hold ourselves accountable to those same high expectations.

Transgender is not simply the ‘T’ in GLBT.  It is people who, for one reason or another, may not express their gender in ways that conform to traditional gender norms or expectations.  That covers everyone from transsexuals, to queer youth, to feminine acting men, to masculine appearing women.  It is a broad label that cannot be confined to a specific silo of people.  It is anyone who chooses to live authentically.  To think that the work that we are doing on behalf of the entire GLBT community simply benefits or protects part of us is to choose a simplistic view of a complex community.  In a very real way, the T is anyone who expresses themselves differently.  To some it is about gender.  To me, it is about freedom.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) is a core piece of legislation.  It would guarantee that GLBT people will not get fired from their jobs because of discrimination and prejudice.  It makes a strong statement that discrimination of any kind is unacceptable, and it recognizes the critical role of employment and career as something more than simply a paycheck.  It is a source of pride, of achievement, of belonging, of security, and in a very real way it is a validation of person-hood.

Unemployment and under-employment is the single most significant issue facing transgender people today.  The high-profile case of Susan Stanton, city manager from Largo, FL who was fired early this year after an exemplary 17-year career there simply because she was outed as being transgender, demonstrates the continuing experience that many of us continue to face each and every day in workplaces around this country.  Although workplaces have made tremendous strides in enacting supportive policy, bad things still happen and the overall message being sent is that we’re somehow expendable. In years past these things happened quietly, going unnoticed.  Those days are numbered.

That’s why ENDA is so important.  It is more than simply a statement that it’s not ok to fire GLBT people for reasons unrelated to work performance.  It’s a statement that we are a community.  It’s recognition of people who may not express their gender in traditional ways does not affect a person’s ability to contribute as simply another part of a diverse workforce.  It’s a validation of those foundational pillars that line the moral high ground.  And, it’s recognition that each of us has value, and none of us will be left behind.

The current situation regarding ENDA is nothing short of a politically misguided tragedy.  A tool that could and should be a unifying beacon on the heels of the historic passage of fully inclusive Hate Crime legislation has been split.  Transgender brothers and sisters again find themselves separated, isolated, and disempowered.  People in positions of power have decided that their personal legacy and the promise of political expediency are more important than protecting our entire beautiful community.  The time is here to make a strong statement to demonstrate to them that they are wrong.

In 2004 the HRC Board voted to support only fully-inclusive Federal legislation.  That decision paved the way to my participation with the organization, and was a significant step in the healing process.  Since that time we have worked together tirelessly towards a goal of Equality for all.  Less than a month ago HRC President Joe Solmonese stood before almost 900 transgender people at the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta to pledge ongoing support and solidarity.  In his keynote address he indicated that not only would HRC support only a fully inclusive ENDA, but that it would actively oppose anything less.  That single pledge changed hearts and minds that day, and the ripple affect throughout the transgender community was that we finally were one single GLBT community working together.  Sadly, recent events indicate that those promises were hollow.

An impressive coalition of local and national organizations has lined up to actively oppose the divisive strategy that would leave some of our brothers and sisters without workplace protections.  This effort has galvanized community spirit and commitment in ways few could have imagined, and it has demonstrated to those who would divide us that anything less than full inclusion is unacceptable  Organization after organization has seized the moral high ground knowing that this is a historic opportunity that cannot be squandered, and that it is our moral obligation to ourselves and to generations that will follow to make a loud, clear, unmistakable statement that we are a community and we will not be divided.  There is a single significant organization glaringly missing from that list.  The Human Rights Campaign has chosen not to be there.

It is impossible to remove passion and emotion from what has happened.  Indeed, those are the fuels that propel us.  That being said please know that this entire situation has affected me deeply and profoundly.  Still, I will not sling mud at the organization to who I have given my heart, my energies, and my trust. I will not give in to my frustration and disappointment that Joe’s words of less than a month ago have proven to be hollow promises.  This unfortunate turn of events has forced me to make some very difficult personal decisions about integrity, character, community, and leadership.  Although I can find any number of logical and personal reasons to continue in my capacity as a board member, I cannot escape the moral implications of the decision before me.  Using that as my guide, as difficult as it is for me to make, the decision is an obvious one.

I hereby submit my resignation from my post on the Board of the Human Rights Campaign effective Monday Oct. 8, 2007.  I call on other like-minded board members, steering committee leaders, donors, corporate sponsors, and volunteers to think long and hard about whether this organization still stands for your values and to take decisive action as well.  More than simply a question of organization policy, this is a test of principle and integrity and although it pains me greatly to see what has happened it is clear to me that there can only be one path.  Character is not for compromise.  I cannot align myself with an organization that I can’t trust to stand-up for all of us.  More than that, I cannot give half-hearted support to an organization that has now chosen to forsake the tenets that have guided my efforts from day one.

I align myself and my energies with the groundswell of community sentiment that has universally stood to oppose this divisive strategy.  I wish my friends and colleagues from the Human Rights Campaign the best, and I expect that time will prove their decision to take a neutral stance and to fracture our community to be short-sighted and misguided.  I accept the notion that we all want the same thing.  It’s just that I couldn’t disagree more with this destructive strategy to get there.  I urge the board and the leadership to reconsider their position and the join a unified community that supports a single all-inclusive bill.

History teaches painful lessons.  Any celebration of rights gained at the expense of others is not a celebration.  It is a failure of effective leadership.  It is to offer the promise of a tomorrow that you know in your heart will never come.  It is to choose to turn your back on those who need you most, who do not have the voice or the stature to speak for themselves.

The time is here for leaders to lead, for those who say they stand for community to act forcefully and with purpose.  Anything less is to forsake the pillars of Equality for the empty promise of something less.  The word that we have for that in our language is “Courage”.  It’s the kind of courage it takes for GLBT people to show up for work each and every day, living authentically, wondering if that will be their last day. I call on my brothers and sisters at the Human Rights Campaign, for Speaker Pelosi and Congressman Frank, and for equality-minded leaders everywhere to lead by example and to do the right thing.

In Solidarity for Equality,

Donna Rose

September 23, 2007

Where Do You Stand (Or Kneel) In This Society?

From the GG’s Closet.

August 3, 2007

A Manifesto…

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From my Closet.

And if you wanna know where I come from… try this one.

July 27, 2007


A piece from my Closet.

July 3, 2007

Hidden Titheing For Christian Groups in New Orleans

This is a post I never wanted to write (even though I’ve seen the signs of it for several years), and I must apologize to my friends who are good Christians for what I’m doing right now: I’m attacking the “business” of religion, the subtle ways in which “Christianity” is milking American taxpayers for their own needs, even when the taxpayers are NOT of that faith. This is not an attack on someone’s personal Spiritual beliefs.

In today’s T-P is an article concerning Xavier University and 21 properties that it owns. I’ve been following the circumstances of many house demolitions on Squandered Heritage since the Blog was established. I’m seeing that many of these homes slated for Federally-payed demolition belong to various Christian organizations, and that most of these properties owned by these organizations have been their properties for years and they have let them rot.

They are now demanding their pound of flesh from all of America’s taxpayers for these demolitions, even if some of us are not “believers”. This is NOT right.

Also, consider the loss of property taxes when these “companies” buy up land.

Our property taxes pay for city services that we count on to keep our locale clean and safe. Remember what our city was like prior to the Flood: rotting streets and houses, crap for police protection, decaying playgrounds and a failed education system that should have produced educated people instead of the criminal element that we all have lived with for years. (yes there were crooked politicians, but I’m looking for a bigger culprit.)
That was the cost to all of us in New Orleans when around 60% of the properties here were considered “tax exempt”. Nothing has changed on that front except that now… Federal money is being demanded to tear these places down, and the “companies” reap another harvest of money from those that are not theirs. They don’t have to pay for their failures of purpose. (If they were failures, which I really doubt.)

The answer is that it shouldn’t come out of the purses and wallets of those not involved with those “businesses”. I gain nothing from the product offered, and yet I must pay for their stuffs?

(One glaring example is St. Francis Cabrini Church in Gentilly: expensive to the Arch Diocese to maintain prior to the Flood, and boarded up with no mitigation post-Flood. It was left to the Feds to foot the bill for removing a building that the Archdiocese didn’t want when Holy Cross decided to rebuild there.)

This is the same Archdiocese that owns many properties in the city that have been moth-balled, so to speak, before the infamous Flood.

These parcels should be owned by families and businesses. They should contribute to the common welfare. They could be assets to the community as a whole, not sink-holes that community money disappears into for their “needs” one morning per week. The monies required for the “businesses’” schemes rightfully belong to the PEOPLE that lived here and are trying to rebuild their lives and communities.

These are the people and the causes that the Christ believed in, not the creations of those of power and money.

In the New World the playing field shall be leveled: no business, including the religious ones, will have tax-exempt status. We are a polyglot culture, very diverse, and there is no reason for those of us who aren’t believers to be tithed for that which means nothing to us and gives nothing to the entire community.

This is one of the basic tenets of our Republic, and we must live by that.

June 28, 2007

Lost On the Spirit Trail?

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Today was really strange… my soul was searching for something. I had the choice of two meetings, and I went for one and then walked away from it.

Came home and jumped into the bed. When I woke up Betts asked me what was going on, and I answered: I wanted something bigger and better. (That’s why I fought for with the founding of the GCIA.) Something is haunting me, and I CAN name it: A Socialist Society in New Orleans.

This is a crucial period of History. Jefferson called for this. (His premonition about the danger our city placed upon the nascent Republic in 1803 is finally coming to be.) We ARE….
Everybody has a choice, but the proof of the pudding comes out in the end. I’ve been a staunch defender of the Constitution and the Founders for 3+ decades, but I did have an Epiphany since the Flood. I have become a Social Democratic type of creature. In fact, I’m no longer part of the old two-party system…. I am of the New Orleans Party. It’s like 1927 kids… the world is changing.

This where being a Transsexual comes in: we must live within our “realities”. The culture of NOLA allows latitude for so many… we all can live in our own skins, so to speak. HERE, one can be real. (Can you see the power in that?) Alright… consider the political aspect of that position.
Can you see the effect this can have upon a racially and economically-based populace? Can you see where being yourself is the most powerful thing one can do or be? That you are not a slave, but a determinant? To take control of your life and that of your prodginy?

To fucking stand forth for yourself… to state that you are Human, and yes… you freakin’ matter?

Then get on the wagon kids… we must create the New World. I’m stepping out, and I want you to shake your tushes with all of us. Oyster has written on this topic, just as many other NOLA Bloggers have done.

Maybe it takes someone from the Otherworld to make a change… (just blew out the secrecy thing from the Psyches being Trans, but screw it!. I AM!)

Welcome to the New World.

May 31, 2007

Let’s Hear it For Mike Rogers…

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From my “Closet”

April 9, 2007

The Religious Reich Rises Again… Unlike Their Pizza

From Mother Jones we have an article entitled “Hail Mary”. Here is another way that the uber-rich Theocracy is attempting to co-op the Progressive culture of our country.

Here’s an example of the town they are building Ave Maria outside of Naples, FL:

“Now only partially built, the future Ave Maria University sits amid a flat, swampy, and desolate expanse of tomato fields and orange groves 30 miles northeast of Naples. A brawny, 100-foot-tall, arching Gothic oratory is already rising, soon to be flanked by the nation’s largest crucifix and encircled by an entire Catholic community, Ave Maria Town, which will welcome 25,000 residents. In keeping with the tenor of Naples, where the average home costs $1.95 million and Republicans outnumber Democrats by nearly 4-to-1, the town will not be a hive of spartan monks’ cells. Rather, it will feature a mix of “affordable” $175,000 town houses, $665,000 condos, and far more palatial Corinthian-columned manses equipped with lavish swimming pools. The golf course will be “championship” caliber, and the retail core will be at once walkable and pious. “Our plan,” Monaghan told a gathering of Catholics last year (sending constitutional lawyers into a kerfuffle), “is that no adult material will appear on the town’s cable system, and the pharmacy will not sell contraceptives.”

Essentially, Monaghan plans to draw a line in the sand against a trend he deems evil. Even as the rapidly growing church lists right worldwide and a few rock-ribbed Catholic orders—most notably Opus Dei—are surging, American Catholics are becoming ever more progressive. Thirty-seven percent favor an easing of the church’s abortion policies, according to a recent cnn/USA Today/Gallup Poll, and fifty-five percent support the ordination of women. Meanwhile, several Catholic universities—among them Holy Cross and St. Scholastica—have gone so far as to play host to the dread Vagina Monologues.”

“To conservatives, Monaghan is a deep-pocketed savior. Florida governor Jeb Bush, a converted Catholic, made Ave Maria Town a special tax district like Disney World, giving the self-appointed Board of Supervisors (run by Monaghan’s development partner) wideonging powers and exempting the town from state and local laws.”

It seems to me that if you are a member of the Theocracy, ya’s don’t gotta pay most taxes and your parents are pretty rich. This kind of enclave is a great place to indoctrinate and program un-discriminating “thought modules”.

BTW_ this is all being financed by the Founder of Dominos Pizza, Tom Monaghan.

For all of you left-leaners and Progressives: Did you ever think that the pizza, pot, and booze confabs we engaged in for decades might just lead to the destruction of our world view?

Now you’ll understand when I proudly state that I have never eaten a Dominos pizza. I warned you all long ago about this.

Yes, I’m a little late for this post. Crucify me…

March 24, 2007

Florida’s Bigots Rise Again: Shit Floats

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Here’s an interesting piece of news from the area near Tampa.

Here’s a quote from one of the bigots:

“I think we’re pretty well convinced,” Commissioner Gay Gentry said. “You have to believe us, you have to trust us, it is not about transgenderism.”

(If I had a name like Gay Gentry, I wouldn’t be throwing stones.)

When the Hell are these assholes going to let us just live our fucking lives? What the fuck does it mean if we stop wearing pants and don a skirt? Why the Hell does any of this matter?

I have lived for 50 years with ovaries, a uterus, a sewed-up vagina, small testes and a man-made penis. All of my life I’ve been tortured by feelings that didn’t match what Society demanded of me after they, in their damn sexual-polar hubris, decided what sex I was supposed to be. The only thing is: my mind is the same as when I worked as a guy. I do see things differently as I transition, but I’m still the same spirit, just in a different wrapper.

This poop is because of the Judeo-Christian belief system of either-or, male-female, heaven-hell.

Biology doesn’t function under those constraints. Genetics and bio-med chemistry prove the variations that are endemic within biological systems. Trans folk are with us in a ratio of 1 in 500 births (our figures), and a “failed twin mosaic” like myself is about 1 in every 2,000 births. I know of over 50 Trans women whose bodies are like mine.

People like myself work in the aero-space industry, help design weapon systems and airplanes. One of us is the biggest fund broker in the world, and many of us are just store clerks and cooks. I helped run one of the Navy’s biggest nuclear systems years ago. We are everywhere and we do everything that can be done. We ARE PEOPLE!

To see these Judeo-Christian shits fuck someone who has done a good job over the fact that they are Transitioning appalls me. I would never hurt someone unless they were pure evil, and even then my heart would ache.

I wish more people would think in that manner towards us Transfolk.

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