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March 24, 2007

Florida’s Bigots Rise Again: Shit Floats

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Here’s an interesting piece of news from the area near Tampa.

Here’s a quote from one of the bigots:

“I think we’re pretty well convinced,” Commissioner Gay Gentry said. “You have to believe us, you have to trust us, it is not about transgenderism.”

(If I had a name like Gay Gentry, I wouldn’t be throwing stones.)

When the Hell are these assholes going to let us just live our fucking lives? What the fuck does it mean if we stop wearing pants and don a skirt? Why the Hell does any of this matter?

I have lived for 50 years with ovaries, a uterus, a sewed-up vagina, small testes and a man-made penis. All of my life I’ve been tortured by feelings that didn’t match what Society demanded of me after they, in their damn sexual-polar hubris, decided what sex I was supposed to be. The only thing is: my mind is the same as when I worked as a guy. I do see things differently as I transition, but I’m still the same spirit, just in a different wrapper.

This poop is because of the Judeo-Christian belief system of either-or, male-female, heaven-hell.

Biology doesn’t function under those constraints. Genetics and bio-med chemistry prove the variations that are endemic within biological systems. Trans folk are with us in a ratio of 1 in 500 births (our figures), and a “failed twin mosaic” like myself is about 1 in every 2,000 births. I know of over 50 Trans women whose bodies are like mine.

People like myself work in the aero-space industry, help design weapon systems and airplanes. One of us is the biggest fund broker in the world, and many of us are just store clerks and cooks. I helped run one of the Navy’s biggest nuclear systems years ago. We are everywhere and we do everything that can be done. We ARE PEOPLE!

To see these Judeo-Christian shits fuck someone who has done a good job over the fact that they are Transitioning appalls me. I would never hurt someone unless they were pure evil, and even then my heart would ache.

I wish more people would think in that manner towards us Transfolk.

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