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June 8, 2007

The ACOE Is Killing Us

Fix the Pumps is today featuring the new internal ACOE report on the “work” the Corps have been doing to get flood protections around the city up to snuff.

Matt entitled his post: “Bombshell”. My only response to this report is “Oh Poop on a stick”.

All of this “repairing” of our mis-designed and improperly built levee systems and the new pumps should be seen as a betrayal to the folks of New Orleans and the American taxpayers. It is CRIMINAL ACT!!!

Reparations for all of New Orleans and our area NOW!!!

June 6, 2007

House News…

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Glory Be! We closed with the Road Home folks today.

Right now I’m shaking and giddy all at the same time. I didn’t realize how much energy I had stored up from the last 21 months. It’s a wonder that I haven’t lost my mind with all this poop. (I was insane prior to the Flood, okay?)

Looks like July before we get into the house… I forgot that the new house supports require 4 weeks to cure. Our contractors though are prepping things and working on side projects. I guess it’s time to start buying some furniture, and appliances, and…. and… A freakin’ clothes shopping spree!

April 26, 2007

The Gentilly Project

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The folks from Dartmouth have finally gotten the Gentilly Project up and running. Here Gentillians can check the status of rebuilding in our neck of the woods.

Here is an article in the T-P that speaks about this effort.

April 5, 2007

Now It’s Pipe Poop and Rust…

From “Fix the Pumps” comes the newest information on how well the ACOE is looking after the tax dollars they are using toget NOLA’s protections up again since the failure of the Federal levee system.

A snippet:

“What is obvious, but somehow has escaped everyone’s notice until now, is that the pipes are unpainted, and have been since they were installed almost a year ago. Naturally, they’re rusting.”

We need lots of Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs, a bunch of batteries, and rubber bands. We locals could build a better system for drainage and protection compared to the Corps’ juvenile attempts.

March 13, 2007

Holy Cross Can Be in Gentilly

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Tonight an announcement was made by FEMA in a draft referendum of agreement.

Holy Cross, welcome to Gentilly!


February 22, 2007

The Demon Inside…

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17 months ago a handful of us spent many hours and lots of money to defend Gentilly post-Flood (GCIA- Gentilly Civic Improvement Association) . We created an umbrella association to aid the various neighborhood associations in their rebuilding… to make sure they were not forgotten. Now, as I’m leaving the Board, a few renegades, whose motives I cannot decipher, are calling themselves D6CC and are attempting to add yet another layer to the rebuilding process.

Their main member, Dr. Marty Rowland, subverted the desires of three small neighborhoods that we initially included in the GCIA family: South Sugar Hill, St. Roch Bend and Indian Village. Dr. Rowland lied to me and others about the fact these areas were to be included in District 6. They are not. Now he represents himself as the leader of a new association for Gentilly.

I have to wonder what Dr. Rowland, Karen Parsons and the others who stand with them hope to gain from these actions. Is it about money and power, or fame?

Personally I don’t freakin’ care. I’m only concerned with Gentilly, and I’ll be damned if folks seek a profit for our citizen’s losses. I didn’t spend money and time to create an avenue for cretins to rape the citizens of Gentilly. I think such actions are of the most base kind, and I will work to stop them in their damn tracks.

What a handful of us did after the Flood was meant to help, and now I’m seeing that monsters have stepped in to wreak their will. This cannot stand.

For those associated with this hideosity, come at me assholes. The shit-storm approaches, and I will win. I stand for Gentilly.

October 3, 2006

Know Your District: The Disparate 97th

Okay, a nod to Stephen Colbert is due here or the little “neo-con” poop will probably sue me.

Tonight we start our multi-part series on the 97th State House District. First we will examine the make-up of the area contained within the District. Next will be the current problems each neighborhood faces in the Post-Deluge world. Later we will examine the two candidates in the November 7th General Election and their visions for the District and whether or not this will create improvement for their constituants.

The 97th is a really odd District. It lays across the city from the river to the lake. It contains parts of the Bywater, St. Roch, St. Claude, Gentilly Terrace, Dillard, St. Anthony, Gentilly Woods, Milneburg, Pontchartrain Park, Lake Terrace and Lake Oaks. It’s a maddening example of Gerrymandering, except I can’t understand why any party would want it that way.

Though the majority of the District is residential peppered with small businesses, there is the commercial area along Chef Menteur in the Gentilly area and the light industrial areas of St. Roch Bend and Sugar Hill. The railroad corrider and the Florida canal effectively cut the 97th in half, and it also gives an explanation for the differences between one half and the other.

Starting at the river is the Bywater, haven for Bohemians and fairly prosperous. Most of what is a worry there is retaining the spirit and feel of the area, especially with the coming redevelopment of the river front. Their major battles at this time are to keep rents from spiraling out of control and the possibility of high-rise condos being built. Population Post-Deluge is fairly high there.
Next we come to St.Roch/St. Claude. These areas are predominantly Black (88.2%) and many buildings are in various states of disrepair, blighted being a good term for the worst of them. Except for a smattering of businesses on St. Claude Ave. and spots in the neighborhoods, there is no great Retail presence. Streets are in horrible disrepair. Much of the population has returned.

Lakeside of the railroad corrider things change. The population is mixed, blighted housing is not a major problem, and there were areas of retail establishments unlike the riverside of the corridor. This area was mostly devasted by the Deluge and their population recovery has been fairly slow. It is one of the most heavily organized areas in the city since the Flood and has been singled out as a good test area for the start of the rebuilding efforts.

The 97th has it’s quandries, and our next segment will look at the runoff candidates and their priorities.

August 22, 2006

This is what I do…

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Two more weeks, and I’ll celebrate the anniversary of the start of my blogging about the News Orleans Flood and the destruction of the Central Gulf Coast by Katrina. ‘Tis been a very long year, and I am in no way the person I was back then.

We didn’t have to axe the roof of our house to escape the floodwaters, we had left the day before. First time I ran from a storm, but I couldn’t indulge myself the luxury of being the tough girl: I have loves and responsibilities now. The trip to Houston was filled with tears and waves of horror over what might befall the city that harbored my family for centuries, the city whose fading lights in the distance along the highway filled me with such longing as a child. New Orleans is my home and my fate.

I remember the motel our girlfriend fixed us up with in Houston: the three of us had stayed in the adjacent room two months earlier for Pride and our filming efforts for a band we had just released an album for. One trip was anticipatory, the latter was one of fear. I remember using the ‘puters of the motel to monitor the storm and the city that night. After many hours I packed it in and went back to the room where Betty and Opal were. I was elated to announce that New Orleans had dodged the bullet, and then I went to sleep. How was I to know that in a few hours the levees would fail, not a victim of a hurricane, but of faulty design and construction?

I awoke in the early afternoon, dressed, and made my way to the ‘puter room to check on our city. Right about then was when the reports started coming in about the levee failures. Sitting there, looking at the positions of the breaks, I saw our home, friends and life slowly inundated with water. I watched New Orleans drown. Never in my life have I felt so wretched.

Within a few days our girlfriend out West was sending us info about the entire scenario. I sat with a magnifying glass to pick out our home in the satellite photos looking at the water level in our yard. I looked over other parts of the city and couldn’t see roofs. At least I could see ours. There was video of folks stranded on roofs and Interstate rises… I couldn’t help them: I was eight hours away.

Frustration became a Spiritual neighbor until I started to cover every news and info source that I could. If I couldn’t help in New Orleans, at least I could help those of Her people that had fled prior to the storm’s arrival. My skills as a researcher became my every waking moment, and through the use of my personal website, my New Orleans e-list and my original Blog “Thoughts of the Dark Rose“, I relayed info as it came in. I offered opinions about the whys and hows of what had occured, and viciously stamped down anyone that assumed the city was dead. It became a crusade and a salve to my soul.

We spent three weeks in Houston trying to set up a base of operations for our work, but Rita came along, and we fled for SoCal and our friend’s house. We needed distance to settle ourselves out.

Through these avenues I managed to meet many folks, and I was even able to account for most of our friends in the Diasphora. Some folks on a Gentilly e-list and I started talking about forming a cooperative to aid our neighborhoods through rebuilding: others joined the chorus, and the Gentilly Civic Improvement Association was the result. Now the GCIA is the umbrella organization for 26 neighborhoods that comprise Gentilly. We speak with one voice concerning the rebuilding, and are now slated to become the model area for the recovery efforts in the city.

None of this has been easy. Fact checking and digging source material takes time and effort. There’s also the time spent considering whether that which you have painstakingly researched is actually complete enough to post. Sometimes I have jumped the gun, but fortunately instinct was right, and I didn’t need to post a retraction. It’s a very fine line between feelings and fact.

Those months of exile between Rita and February continued in this fashion until we returned for a Recon vist, and then my Blogging world changed… We reentered our world called New Orleans. That’s when I began to truly understand the “Thousand Mile Stare”.
Part Two soon.

July 17, 2006

True Definitions….

I read a story on the New Orleans Sun site and my blood began to boil. Though many of the Block Grant monies to Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi are gifts of the American taxpayers to help folks who have been affected by the biggest Natural disaster to hit our country, the monies appropriated for New Orleans are the down-payment of the reparations we so obviously deserve.

Reparations is the operative term for those from New Orleans. Right now it’s the homeowners who are getting payed for the damages caused from the faulty levees, soon it will be time to re-emburse those who were renters. The Federal Guv’mit has so much to atone for their failures and lies to those of us who call New Orleans our home.

The levees failed, plain and simple. It wasn’t even a storm surge that they were “built” for. We
were freakin’ screwed by the Corps of Engineers. We were hung out to dry, or in this case, to drown.

Our house is not in a Floodplain, but the failure of the London Ave. Canal did us in. I lost five years of research, and Pirate Princess lost over $10K of material and equipment. My friend who founded Pirate Princess deserves reparations, as do us all. None of us did anything wrong. The actions, un-actions, of the COE were what hurt us.

We trusted, and now we know we were lied to. We put our faith in a Federal program, and later learned that it was a sham. Over 1,400 people died becuase of those mis-truths. This is unacceptable.

We need another $5B or more to answer the injuries to New Orleanians. This IS required. We were lied to and screwed…. now it’s time to pay the piper.

I stand for New Orleans.

July 7, 2006

Free Cat Neutering & Spaying

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Starting Sunday, 7/09 through Thursday, 7/13, the Big Fix Rig will be in Chalmette at the St. Bernard Unified school campus. Pet owners from all Parishes are accepted. Neutering and spaying of cats will be free at a mobile clinic.
Call for an appointment- 504-401-0709.


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