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March 4, 2008

Just Do Me With a Tuning Fork…

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On Saturday I broke my own prediction: I have now reached the age of 51, and thereby avoided my belief that I wouldn’t make it past 50. BWAAAA HAA HAA HAAAA!
(Would have posted this earlier, but I needed three days of “seasoning” after confronting the Path of being a Crone.)

Query: Can I start counting backwards now?

February 25, 2008

Where Is Your Political Compass Pointed?

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Alright, I took the Political Compass test and this is what the results were:

Your political compass

Economic Left/Right: -7.12
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.41

Where is your compass pointed?

Curtsey to Raybin at the Wild Wild Left for this one.

February 24, 2008

A Tightly Wound Spring…

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These last several days have been very, very tiring for me: getting the house fixed enough to get us out of this “dumpster” we been living in for two years, deciding how I’m go to pack stuffs and have it moved to the house… when do we get the girls fixed so they can roam the courtyard and then, how will the catz act through the entire process. There are mounds of papers and files all through the hovel (must not lose them…. that’s Grants and SBA poop). And then there are the tools and the kitchen.

Setting up the offices are first, but I need the Contractor’s map of all the wiring in the house to bring it all together in order for Betts to be able to function on the next workday. Four ‘puters need to be networked right away and the three extra terminals must be ready for the cottages and the gameroom. (have two new 8-point routers and 16 lines running through the place.) Must get Cox in so Betts can have her phones. Still need to get Entergy up there in order to put in the new gas and electric meters.

Our guys are doing great work, but weather (humidity) and final probs keep cropping up. (The ceiling in the offices had the beams a little warped when the tidal wave from the canal walls lifted one end of the house, and the resulting ceiling looked like the surf at Moloki.) The plumbers put the drain collection pipe for our bedroom potty in a strange place, and I want that fixed. The first part of the back deck must be built next week… I want a back staircase and the generator landing ready soon.

And there’s things we should be attending to, but it’s hard to get out of here early enough to get them done. Betts’ biz is hopping, so we can’t bug-out of the office in order to take care of things like buying the appliances (they don’t take payment over the phone), getting the last few fixtures and buying/making curtains. The rains force us to stay in since the sidewalks have 8″ of water on them and we can’t get out, or the traffic starting around 3 PM is so bad we can’t make it to where we need to. (Still haven’t picked up Opal’s ashes.)

The rains are also slowing down the cementing of the new connection to the sewer main, and that means we still have a huge hole in front of the only garage that we can get to at this time. The gravel for that one drive cannot be laid yet, and that means slogging through a mud pit to get into and out of the place. The sewer drain for the FEMA trailer still needs to be moved to our side yard connection so’s the dumpster can be put in place and we can move forward on finishing (and re-finishing) the drives.

Still awaiting the delayed House Elevation Grant and the next infusion from the SBA. Both will come through, but waiting and worrying is taking it’s toll on both of us. Things would have been pretty much done now if the grant would have hit last Summer as promised… the State had to find a way to screw up what we were to get months ago. This kept our worker count lower than expected so we could keep them doing our house instead of running off and starting other projects (thus putting us on the back burner).

It seems like the only times we leave this dump are for food, household stuffs and buying building materials. We have only played one tournament since right after Thanksgiving. Going to the bar to socialize doesn’t really happen anymore: we show up at odd times once in a while, and it’s almost always that the two of us are the only folks there. Shopping for some nice clothes is out: no place here to store them. (I’ve learned to mix and match various warm weather clothes in layers with my short supply of winter stuff to stay warm)

I’m just rambling and peeved that with all we have done to rebuild here, it is still like slogging through 4′ deep mud. I can’t do Psych meds because they either do nothing or they knock me out for the day. There’s only so much I can drink (and not become a total lush). Betts and I alternate with bouts of stomach attacks. I’m lucky to have a decent night’s sleep one a week… most of the nights are spent laying there with my mind racing over the entire ‘Verse. The only thing in my mind are how’s this affect the Coast, or the city, then Gentilly and lastly our home. It is like living in the center of a merry-go-round that never stops, and the characters are always changing on each spin.

Alright, enough bitching and moaning. We ARE the lucky amongst many in this city. We are almost home, though it seems like that promise changes daily. Many folks here haven’t even started on rebuilding. (I don’t know how they are keeping it together in the face of all this shit)

And I just made a decision: I’m waking Betts up from her nap in a few minutes, and we are going to the Starlight for a few drinks as we should have done earlier. Thank the Goddess that the bar is open all weekend nights. Maybe I’ll get to see the Sun rise as we leave with our to-go cups make it home and fall into a deep sleep.

“Bartender? GROG! NOW! Aaarrrggghhh me maties. We have returned… “ 

February 18, 2008

The Soul of America…

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So according to Dr.Morris, the networks in their crazed basketball frenzy keep referring to New Orleans as the “Soul of America”. Interesting considering how we have been treated post-Katrina/Rita/Federal Flood. Hell, I thought we weren’t worth the thought about the Future. (Thanks Bush Administration.)
We here in New Orleans are the Soul of America. It’s not about the French Quarter or the drinks on the streets, it’s about our belief in our Culture, our History and our Future. To live here, I mean truly LIVE here takes one to a place of acceptance and worship. What we have here cannot be imagined in most of the localities of America. We are our own.
I live this Reality day by day, and I thank the Goddess that She sent me home years ago. I had to be a part of this scenario… have to be a witness. Seattle: fucking Californication, Portland: being carved up as I type, San Francisco: god damned dot-com yuppies forced us out. I know… I was there for most of this shit.
All I have left is my hometown, and I’m not willing to let the bastards win, period. I’m like a creature backed into a corner, and it’s my turn to strike back. This is my home and my folks… I can’t back down.

For years I’ve fought for others, but this is what She wanted me to do: Fight for Her city. I see her statue on Decatur, and She tells me to fight. Therefore I fight.
New Orleans is a place that inspires. It also is a haven for those of us who no longer wish to face assimulation. We are ourselves, and what can be more realistic than that. We live… and love, and welcome  those who are searching for a safe-place.
Our world here is something that cannot be sacrificed to corporate desires or the entertainment crowd. We live as we always have. Our world is an anachronism, and yet, we are America’s hope. This is the last place to be assimulated to the corporate vision of the Borg. We are ourselves: Sinn Fein.

Betty and I are sworn to return, and soon it shall be so, but we did so because we believe in the culture here. We could have gone anywhere after the Flood, but we both agreed that we must stand for this wonderful place. Where else can a real Human Being live in our dessicated land? (Not any city I know of.) How could we look in a mirror if we just walked away?
Everything, every one here… my soul screams for. This city has been home for my folks for almost three hundred years.  Far be it from me to abandon familial ties. I must stand for New Orleans and the Coast. This is a labor of Love, not only for the Isle d’ Orleans, but for the country I gave some of my life for.

Wake up and understand: we are under attack from the elite 3%. Speak your voice and we can screw these fuckers to wall. Ya’s just gotta believe.

February 3, 2008

Blogroll Amnesty Day (B.A.D.)

As a Blogger who is pretty much on the bottom of the food chain, I didn’t participate in the last two B.A.D.s. I mean Hell, all I do is mainly cover New Orleans and the Coast, write about daily life, my community, and once in a while delve into the National B/S.

For background on the B.A.D., try here , and here.
Today however, The Democratic Daily issued their post on B.A.D., and to my surprise and delight, two of the NOLA Bloggers were listed: Oyster and moi. *Blushes*  I guess that the thousands of hours I’ve spent since the Flood reading almost everything… thinking my way through all of the crap that goes down in this World… and the screaming of my soul against injustice actually is making a difference. (and no, I’m not going to go “Sally Fields” here.)
So in order to work with the concept of this day, this week I’ll be adding a new section to my Blogroll: Good Voices. These are Blogs which aren’t about New Orleans, but about day-to-day lives and thoughts of other folks making their way through Life and the B/S of the ruling 2%. I’m stepping up my campaign to help birth a more Progressive world.

Here’s to the Progressive Blogosphere: Salute!

Opal the Cat, R.I.P.

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On Saturday, 02/02/08, Opal, th Siamese from Hell entered the Summer Country. She died from a deterioration of her physical systems , not her mental ones. (Try being 140 years plus and keeping things going.)

She will be missed greatly  (saved my ass many times.)

Her Obit:

Opal, “the Cat”… Siamese Queen


1987 to  February 2, 2008


Born in Indiana as a Breeder, escaped to New Orleans and then made the round trip to SoCal and back as a member of the Exiles of the 2005 Flood of her home.


She will be greatly missed, especially that “AACCKKK!” voice of hers. Loved her belly rubs and petting… purred like a fool all the way to the end.


We both love her dearly. You’ll be missed sweetie. The other Katz here miss you too. (They can’t play with your tail now.)


“See you in the Summer Country, Miss Opal”

Right now I’m beside myself. Opal was my friend and my Familiar for years. Now I have ten Familiars to take her place, and she still presides as the Leader of the Host.

Beyond this I’m not allowed to speak.

February 1, 2008

I Think I Need Drugs For This…

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January 28, 2008

Bad News

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I had to take Opal the Siamese to the Vet. She has probably a week or so to live.

I am fucking crushed. She’s been my friend for so many years… went through the Exile with nary a gripe (Not true… Siamese always gripe).

The next few weeks for her are going to be about the best of the best, and if I can make my magic work, even better. She’s a;most 21 years old. She has seen me through the best and the worst. She’s my budzo.

Please send good thoughts… I need a circle of power… I don’t want to lose my little girl. I want her to be able to live in her home, the flooded one, for one more time. I want to see her sunning in the courtyard.

BTW- Tomorrow makes 29 months since the Federal Flood of our home and those of so many others. May the Goddess damn any and all of the shits that have prevented all of us from returning home these many months.

January 25, 2008

Tax Prebate… Fuck Me Now

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The Bushite regime and my cowardly Demo friends in Congress have come up with a plan to stimulate the economy.

$300 to $1,600 in a rebate? Our freakin’ Master Carpenter gets $900 a week. How the Hell is this crap going to help us?

Me? I’ll get nothing. I’m on SSDI, and I don’t have to file. The “Family Plan? It ain’t going to help since the Family Values fucks won’t let Betts and me “tie the knot” legally. Yes, we are part of the Satanic Queers christian America hates. (and I’m not a Satanist, thank you very fucking much.)

$300 to $1,600 in a rebate? Shit babies, that’s almost nothing. How about stopping “outsourcing”… keeping jobs here in our country. Maybe we could control energy prices. (Oops, forgot that we can’t upset the Patriarchal Arabs.) How about limiting the “children excuse” for everything?

Screw me for not being a “Family Values” type of person. My family are my friends. I don’t do what my military friends did: “My wife she” or “My child it”, leaving the work to us poor shits that didn’t choose that route in Life. I live day-to-day… I’m not anti-children, but I do have a major problem with the B/S that you have to have kids before you can get cut a break with the taxman. Many of us in the Queer community don’t have kids. The PTB don’t want us to raise children.

Hell, Betts and I can’t get “married”. I’m a fucking co-owner on the house. I can not have any say for her involving medical treatment… the same goes in the reverse. The same holds true concerning utilities and insurance. When did we stop being Human Beings? What revoked our “Human” card? (I do know the answer, but I don’t want to go there right now.)
Speaking for myself, I wanted kids, not for the tax breaks, but for their shining faces, their voices and watching them grow up in the World. That was taken away fifty years ago. I envy those folks who have children. I crave the thoughts of answering questions and pointing them in the right direction. We have catz, but it’s not the same.
But I am degressing.

The point is: this “economic stimulus” package is a freakin’ dodge. It won’t really help anyone.. anyone, but it looks good on paper.

My dear Lady, can’t we get rid of these Governmental shits?

We have no one in power thinking of us. This bullshit is just more of the same. The last from CTA’s “State of the Union”

January 23, 2008

Another Nail in the Coffin

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Try this.

This could be the earliest date that the Patriarcalists entered the Matriarchal world.  (Not something I would celebrate.)

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