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January 25, 2008

Tax Prebate… Fuck Me Now

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The Bushite regime and my cowardly Demo friends in Congress have come up with a plan to stimulate the economy.

$300 to $1,600 in a rebate? Our freakin’ Master Carpenter gets $900 a week. How the Hell is this crap going to help us?

Me? I’ll get nothing. I’m on SSDI, and I don’t have to file. The “Family Plan? It ain’t going to help since the Family Values fucks won’t let Betts and me “tie the knot” legally. Yes, we are part of the Satanic Queers christian America hates. (and I’m not a Satanist, thank you very fucking much.)

$300 to $1,600 in a rebate? Shit babies, that’s almost nothing. How about stopping “outsourcing”… keeping jobs here in our country. Maybe we could control energy prices. (Oops, forgot that we can’t upset the Patriarchal Arabs.) How about limiting the “children excuse” for everything?

Screw me for not being a “Family Values” type of person. My family are my friends. I don’t do what my military friends did: “My wife she” or “My child it”, leaving the work to us poor shits that didn’t choose that route in Life. I live day-to-day… I’m not anti-children, but I do have a major problem with the B/S that you have to have kids before you can get cut a break with the taxman. Many of us in the Queer community don’t have kids. The PTB don’t want us to raise children.

Hell, Betts and I can’t get “married”. I’m a fucking co-owner on the house. I can not have any say for her involving medical treatment… the same goes in the reverse. The same holds true concerning utilities and insurance. When did we stop being Human Beings? What revoked our “Human” card? (I do know the answer, but I don’t want to go there right now.)
Speaking for myself, I wanted kids, not for the tax breaks, but for their shining faces, their voices and watching them grow up in the World. That was taken away fifty years ago. I envy those folks who have children. I crave the thoughts of answering questions and pointing them in the right direction. We have catz, but it’s not the same.
But I am degressing.

The point is: this “economic stimulus” package is a freakin’ dodge. It won’t really help anyone.. anyone, but it looks good on paper.

My dear Lady, can’t we get rid of these Governmental shits?

We have no one in power thinking of us. This bullshit is just more of the same. The last from CTA’s “State of the Union”


  1. Mz, Madrigal, you absolutely rock.
    Geaux Genilly Grrrrrrrrrrl!

    Comment by New Orleans News Ladder — January 25, 2008 @ 1:37 pm

  2. I stand by my convictions, my beliefs.

    Right now I’m feeling rather fucked by the Southern Baptist fucks that think they run our country. All I want is parity.

    I don’t have children because the Almighty cross-wearers determined me to be an unacceptable person for the job of being a Mommy. I’m also not accepted because my partner is a Trans-woman.

    Sorry you cross-wearing shits: we are the best folks to raise kids because we don’t have a freakin’ agenda. Betts and I are some of the best folks to raise kids. We are careful in our judgments of those who we are not like, and we believe in Free Thought and Science.

    This is how my parents raised me: explore, experience, and then come home for the answers to the questions. If my kids think they have wrong concepts, I’ll try to correct them, but it IS ALWAYS up to them to determine the Truth.

    If children would have been part of my Reality, I would want to be seen as a mentor and not a God.

    Most of my life has been a mystery to me…

    I will not countenance this for the kids.

    Social conditions? I wish they were different. And I work to change them. The job is to change things so that good folks raise good kids: continue the line.

    This is the only way this money-grubbing, cross-wearing World can be changed.

    “Teach your children well…”

    Comment by Morwen Madrigal — January 31, 2008 @ 4:18 am

  3. Wanna know the really sad part? Even with kids, this incentive package ain’t helping — I mean, sure, we’ll get a little bit more from those dicks who run the country, but it gets counted as income and they’ll hit us at tax time next year for taking it. :/

    And I, too, live in the South — and I tend to find that non-christians have it pretty rough all the way around in the South. So my best wishes and thoughts to you and your partner, having to brave the insane moral values of the born-again-christian South while just trying to get along and live your life and be happy with your partner.

    Comment by Terri — May 30, 2008 @ 3:44 pm

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