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August 11, 2007

Oliver Thomas Goes Down…

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Our City Councilperson At-Large is to be arraigned Monday on Federal charges of corruption.

The one time favorite for Mayor in 2010 is now going down in flames. The word is he will enter a guilty plea on this matter and resign from the Council.

Good-bye CROOK! (And yes… I want these ministers who keep showing up to “vouch” for their crooked heroes to be investigated too. Same goes for the Progressive Democrats and the Black Organizaton for Leadership Development *BOLD*)

Who are the other pieces of criminal trash to be taken out of our City government…. Hmmmm…. ?

August 10, 2007

Retro-active Abortion is a Neccessity…

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And this is especially the case when it comes to the matter of “No-See-Um” C. Ray Nagin.

Today’s T-P has a piece on this shit-for-brains Mayor that is destroying our city and his damned opinion that the murder rate in the city is good and bad for New Orleans.

Only a Black corporate-type of shit can see this situation as a win. His damned family lives in Dallas, far from the carnage in the city perpetuated by his Black brothers, whilst those of us who are trying to rebuild our homes, lives and city suffer this crime wave.

As a woman of Color I am fucking damned outraged by this drugged-out, ganga smoking, bald fucking piece of shit-for-a-Mayor. (and no… I never voted for this piece of crap)
Don’t get me wrong… I cherish my bloodlines, my connection to so any different kinds of folk, but I cannot condone or approve of the actions of some of my relatives or of a Mayor that thinks this is a PR ploy. Where the Hell does this clown get off?

I can’t walk the streets at night, which is my wont, without a serious risk of getting robbed or killed. That I have to scope the situation out when I’m taking the garbage out at night. That I have to survey the street before doing errands because of the swarms of hoodlums making their way to the Marigny/Quarter on their way to the “hunting grounds” every evening.

Why do I have to live my life in fear? It’s because I’m Black and White, and my Black relatives are out of control, especially due to the inaction of Ray Nagin, Warren Riley and Eddie Jordan.

I’m beginning to hate my fucking relatives.

July 15, 2007

The Projects…

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Alright, I’m a freakin’ Creole girl… I am also an anomaly of Nature, but I do have a soul, a soul that remembers those in my life, and I’m making a stand for them. May the Goddess help those who come at me for this stance. (you’re freakin’ dead meat.)
I want the projects reopened. I WANT everyone from this Blessed city back, and I don’t care what the fucking white shits or developers want. I want all of us back home…. period. Mixed-income housing? My fucking tush…. will not work. Our city is a place that actually celebrates family and community. In my travels, I’ve never found that through other cities.

The folks in the “bricks” weren’t dead-beats for the most part: they busted their asses to keep things running. Some worked two jobs, the Grannies and Aunties watched the kids, and everyone shared what little they had when it came to supper. True community… not the damn suburban “White” lifestyle.

Do you understand what that kind of life is like? Yes it’s a pain in the ass, but it is also warming and loving. You have acceptance and care. You are a part of the Whole. You are never alone. You have a community.

New Orleans is a city of community. We have been scouraged by the failures of the Federal (read- White) Government. Our land has been carved up for the suburban, White, SUV crowd. We have been abandoned. No more you jerks… we WILL have our home back or you will pay the price.

I’ve always said I stand for New Orleans, and I always shall do so, but now my side of Canal Street is the focus. Yes baby, this time it’s personal. (I’m turning my cyber machine over to this subject.)

July 14, 2007

Take Our DA Down…

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New Orleans citizens, fed up with the resurgence of violent crime in their city, will stage a protest in front of the Cabildo on Jackson Square on Monday, July 16 at 6 a.m. to demand the resignation of District Attorney Eddie Jordan.

Although every component of the city’s criminal justice system has been in disarray since Hurricane Katrina, the district attorney’s office is widely seen as the biggest obstacle to reform because of its pattern of not pursuing charges.

In just the past two weeks, the D.A.’s office has dropped murder charges against suspects in two high-profile murder cases:  that of Dinerral Shavers, gunned down in his car, and last summer’s quintuple murder in Central City.  In both cases, the D.A.’s office cited lack of witnesses as the reason for the dismissals.  However, in the Shavers case, there were other witnesses and evidence, inexplicably not used; and in the Central City murders, New Orleans police were able to locate the supposedly un-findable witness within a matter of hours of learning about the dismissal.

These incidents come on the heels of a protest march in January, in which 5000 New Orleanians took to the streets to demand that city officials address the rampant violent that had taken over the city.  Notably, although mayor Ray Nagin and Superintendent of Police Warren Riley attended, Mr. Jordan did not.  At that time, Mr. Jordan claimed a 92% conviction rate, although he declined to provide statistics on the number of cases he chooses not to pursue, raising questions as to the validity of the 92% figure he provided.

In the past, Mr. Jordan has shown disdain for anyone questioning the actions of his agency.  Most notably, he stormed out of an Nightline interview with ABC’s Brian Ross when Ross pressed him about whether his office had performed as it should ( ).

It appears that Mr. Jordan has lost the confidence not only of the citizenry, but of his fellow politicians as well.  Mayor Nagin released a statement last week condemning the D.A.’s office for its “a disturbing pattern in which the DA dismisses charges without securing assistance from NOPD or any other entity in the criminal justice system.”

July 13, 2007

Moon Landrieu Made a Mistake…

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I’m sitting here waiting for the usual screams.

I’ll answer this one when the screams of the guilty finally calms down.

Yeppers, I’m the Transsexual, lesbian, anti-christian Priestess Bitch, and I’m looking for the defense of the Jeffersons, BOLD and Jordan racist/opportunist supporters to counter my statement.

Bring it on , and the Creole girl shall counter you.

July 3, 2007

Hidden Titheing For Christian Groups in New Orleans

This is a post I never wanted to write (even though I’ve seen the signs of it for several years), and I must apologize to my friends who are good Christians for what I’m doing right now: I’m attacking the “business” of religion, the subtle ways in which “Christianity” is milking American taxpayers for their own needs, even when the taxpayers are NOT of that faith. This is not an attack on someone’s personal Spiritual beliefs.

In today’s T-P is an article concerning Xavier University and 21 properties that it owns. I’ve been following the circumstances of many house demolitions on Squandered Heritage since the Blog was established. I’m seeing that many of these homes slated for Federally-payed demolition belong to various Christian organizations, and that most of these properties owned by these organizations have been their properties for years and they have let them rot.

They are now demanding their pound of flesh from all of America’s taxpayers for these demolitions, even if some of us are not “believers”. This is NOT right.

Also, consider the loss of property taxes when these “companies” buy up land.

Our property taxes pay for city services that we count on to keep our locale clean and safe. Remember what our city was like prior to the Flood: rotting streets and houses, crap for police protection, decaying playgrounds and a failed education system that should have produced educated people instead of the criminal element that we all have lived with for years. (yes there were crooked politicians, but I’m looking for a bigger culprit.)
That was the cost to all of us in New Orleans when around 60% of the properties here were considered “tax exempt”. Nothing has changed on that front except that now… Federal money is being demanded to tear these places down, and the “companies” reap another harvest of money from those that are not theirs. They don’t have to pay for their failures of purpose. (If they were failures, which I really doubt.)

The answer is that it shouldn’t come out of the purses and wallets of those not involved with those “businesses”. I gain nothing from the product offered, and yet I must pay for their stuffs?

(One glaring example is St. Francis Cabrini Church in Gentilly: expensive to the Arch Diocese to maintain prior to the Flood, and boarded up with no mitigation post-Flood. It was left to the Feds to foot the bill for removing a building that the Archdiocese didn’t want when Holy Cross decided to rebuild there.)

This is the same Archdiocese that owns many properties in the city that have been moth-balled, so to speak, before the infamous Flood.

These parcels should be owned by families and businesses. They should contribute to the common welfare. They could be assets to the community as a whole, not sink-holes that community money disappears into for their “needs” one morning per week. The monies required for the “businesses’” schemes rightfully belong to the PEOPLE that lived here and are trying to rebuild their lives and communities.

These are the people and the causes that the Christ believed in, not the creations of those of power and money.

In the New World the playing field shall be leveled: no business, including the religious ones, will have tax-exempt status. We are a polyglot culture, very diverse, and there is no reason for those of us who aren’t believers to be tithed for that which means nothing to us and gives nothing to the entire community.

This is one of the basic tenets of our Republic, and we must live by that.

June 4, 2007

Dollar Bill Gets Indicted!

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“WASHINGTON – Rep. William Jefferson, D-La., was indicted Monday on federal charges of racketeering, soliciting bribes and money-laundering in a long-running bribery investigation into business deals he tried to broker in Africa.
The indictment handed up in federal court in Alexandria., Va., Monday is 94 pages long and lists 16 alleged violations of federal law that could keep Jefferson in prison for up to 235 years. He is charged with racketeering, soliciting bribes, wire fraud, money-laundering, obstruction of justice, conspiracy and violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Jefferson is accused of soliciting bribes for himself and his family, and also for bribing a Nigerian official.”


(Curtsey to Adrastos for providing me with the first good news of the day in the last many months.)

March 31, 2007

WB Levee Board Demands…

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So… the West Bank Levee Board is demanding $1.4 M from the East Bank Levee Board… Algiers’ reps have no vote over there, BTW.

I think the answer is best summed up by “No taxation without representation”. ‘Nuff said WB.

March 19, 2007

More on Nagin’s Conspiracy Theory …

Well, Mayor “Chocolate City” Ray started spouting crap this last Thursday at a conference, and it seems to be running in the Blogs and MSM.

Facing South has a great Progressive take on the real story here in NOLA .

Good paragraph from the piece:

“Treating property ownership as the sine qua non for policy consideration didn’t raise any eyebrows locally or nationally, except among the ranks of those who were left out. Neither the black Mayor nor the majority-black City Council has shown initiative in taking into account, much less defending, the interests of poor New Orleanians. The city’s evacuation plans notoriously failed to anticipate adequately poor people’s circumstances and needs. Landlords began evicting tenants without a hint of due process as soon as water receded and rumors spread of possibilities for extracting exorbitant rents from construction workers. The state officially prohibited evictions before October 25, but that prohibition was academic for the tens of thousands of people dispersed in shelters around the region and nation. And even that minimal right was flagrantly ignored with impunity. New Orleans City Council president Oliver Thomas complained in February that government programs and agencies had “pampered” poor people and proclaimed that they should not be encouraged to return. As he put it, “We don’t need soap opera watchers right now.” At least one other black councilmember expressed support of his view, as did the New Orleans Housing Authority receiver.”

If “No See’um Ray” wants to face the “enemies” of New Orleans, he should first take a look in his freakin’ mirror.

The same goes for Oreo Oliver Thomas. Yes you assholes, I have your freakin’ Racist numbers. Come down on me for my statements little boys. I’ll even make it smaller for you little boys since I am a “Momma”. Shitheads… Momma rules you morons.

March 13, 2007

Like Freakin’ “DUH!”

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OMG! Sweet Zombie Jezuz! Warren Riley has seen the light?

I’m not touching this one lest I completely lose it. Screw it! Gotta do something with this one:

“We are focusing now on hardcore offenders,” Riley said at a news conference updating the efforts of a joint federal and local task force. “We are slowly pulling away from the minor violations.”  

Warren honey… did ya’s really think going after the little criminals would allow you to actually stop the kingpins? ‘Eh?

Riley has previously reasoned that clearing the streets of street-corner dealers and addicts would put pressure on the most likely murderers and murder victims. 

Is this considered reasoning, or taking the easy way out Mr. Chief Honcho who ignores your best people’s advice. (I stated your best people, not your fluffers.)

T-P Link 

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