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March 19, 2007

More on Nagin’s Conspiracy Theory …

Well, Mayor “Chocolate City” Ray started spouting crap this last Thursday at a conference, and it seems to be running in the Blogs and MSM.

Facing South has a great Progressive take on the real story here in NOLA .

Good paragraph from the piece:

“Treating property ownership as the sine qua non for policy consideration didn’t raise any eyebrows locally or nationally, except among the ranks of those who were left out. Neither the black Mayor nor the majority-black City Council has shown initiative in taking into account, much less defending, the interests of poor New Orleanians. The city’s evacuation plans notoriously failed to anticipate adequately poor people’s circumstances and needs. Landlords began evicting tenants without a hint of due process as soon as water receded and rumors spread of possibilities for extracting exorbitant rents from construction workers. The state officially prohibited evictions before October 25, but that prohibition was academic for the tens of thousands of people dispersed in shelters around the region and nation. And even that minimal right was flagrantly ignored with impunity. New Orleans City Council president Oliver Thomas complained in February that government programs and agencies had “pampered” poor people and proclaimed that they should not be encouraged to return. As he put it, “We don’t need soap opera watchers right now.” At least one other black councilmember expressed support of his view, as did the New Orleans Housing Authority receiver.”

If “No See’um Ray” wants to face the “enemies” of New Orleans, he should first take a look in his freakin’ mirror.

The same goes for Oreo Oliver Thomas. Yes you assholes, I have your freakin’ Racist numbers. Come down on me for my statements little boys. I’ll even make it smaller for you little boys since I am a “Momma”. Shitheads… Momma rules you morons.


  1. Dear Gentilly Girl

    I love your blog – it often makes me angry and my blood pressure goes up but it also makes me proud that there are folks like yourself putting all this stuff out there – folks who care passionately!!

    I can’t BELIVE that councilman said THAT!! Yeah poor people are often “pampered” in this world!!!

    Keep up ath awesome work!! and I hope your house is coming along well!!
    Best Wishes
    ps its taken me this long to post a comment to you because for some reason I couldn’t get a password to login until now.

    Comment by cursedtea — March 20, 2007 @ 10:08 am

  2. Don’t worry darlin”. I’ll be around for a few more decades, and I ain’t gonna stop.

    Power brokers? You are now seeing an insane, and loving her community, freakin’ BITCH.

    Come on babies… can you come against the Goddess and me in this situation?

    You poor fools, you have already lost, and your plans for financial gain…… I think they are screwed. (Hope you enjoy Vienna fingers and pleasuring men at $20 bucks a pop.)

    Comment by Morwen Madrigal — March 21, 2007 @ 4:26 am

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