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April 2, 2007

Geek Dinner III

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Last night we attended the third Geek Dinner at Dangerblond’s casa. Everything was so just tres kewl: great food, good folks and the Blogger spawn seemed to be entertained.

I sampled different dishes and they were killer. (We do seem to take our food very seriously, don’t we?) The best thing though, is just being around such a wonderful group of dynamic people and groovin’ on it. I really needed the lift from this. I think all of us needed this little evening.
When’s Geek Dinner IV?

Betts and I will host GD V: the “Bastille Project”, at the Treehouse in June (fingers crossed).

March 12, 2007

Danger: March 31st…

Just when you thought it was safe. A moment to catch your breath from the trials of living in Nolantis… comes the demon from the swamp, rising….

“It’s the Apocalypse! The Apocalypse!”

GEEK DINNER III! ” The Gathering Gabbering” Where the NOLA Bloggers dine, drink and socialize with each other. (and create things like The Rising Tide.)

BTW- Scout from First Draft will be down with some volunteers too!
Check out DangerBlonde on this friends.

August 16, 2006

Rising Tide Poster

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The Rising Tide Conference

August 15, 2006

Terrorists Threaten the Isle d’ Orleans!

In the early morning haze that floats above the Isle’s eastern border, an army of terrorists riding upon the backs of elephants bearing oyster rakes and legislation slime their way to the Pearl River. Their goal: to prevent our area from moving forward on Coastal Restoration until such time that Louisiana relents and starts allowing more river water to come through the Bonnet Carre Spillway into Ponchartrain.

Has Hannibal time-slipped to harm our little corner of steamy Paradise? No, it’s Mississippi’s Bigot Senator, Trent Lott. He insists that the water flow be increased into the lake in the possible chance that this will help revive the oyster farms in the Biloxi Marsh. To prove his point, he has had provisions installed in the latest authorization that will provide monies for the Corps to get to work on Coastal Restoration in SE Louisiana to be placed on hold until Louisiana acquieses and foots part of the cost of this project.

This plan was devised almost three decades ago, but never implemented. Why haven’t we enacted this delusional plan you ask? Scientists and environmentalists have maintained that the project will not provide the desired result, and instead wind up polluting the lake with run-off from the MidWest farms to create Dead Zones there. The area will LOSE healthy water ecosystems.
Science is now saying that the best thing to do for the MS oyster farms is to close MR.GO, thus ending the channel’s allowing of seawater intrusion into the marshes, and in time producing a healthier wetland, INCLUDING the Biloxi Marsh. Lott doesn’t wish to wait for the new solution. (wonder what he stands to gain in all of this. Hmmmm?)

Sorry Senator, the plan you endorse was created during the same period as many of the other water projects around here, and many of them FAILED miserably. What we we need at this point in time are new ways of looking at water projects. Good science, not that crap from the Seventies. The Coastal areas must be rebuilt , not just have new water dumped in. Let’s do this right this time, and the Biloxi Marsh will flourish in time.

It’s that, or we will annihilate your army with our gator cannons.

Sinn Fein!


August 11, 2006

The NOLA LGBT community is…

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here to stay, and helping rebuild the city!

This is our home too.

DecaFest 2006

Rising Tide Convention!

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Rising Tide’s Convention schedule is now available. Please plan to attend, or else.

August 2, 2006

No Fireworks For Katrina…

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It seems that Mayor Baldy has changed his mind on how the city will observe the first anniversary of Katrina and the Deluge.

Here’s the T-P’s report:

Nagin removes comedy show, fireworks from Katrina anniversary activities

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said today that his administration is scraping controversial plans to include fireworks and a comedy show among activities commemorating the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina later this month.

Nagin had come under fire last month after his administration announced the inclusion of such festive events in what was billed as “three days of reflection” on the storm, which killed more than 1,300 when it hit Aug. 29. Residents and community leaders attacked the fireworks and comedy show, and City Council members distanced themselves from the plans, announcing their own list of activities.

Nagin last week suggested he did not have any problem with the original program.

“As far as the criticism of whether this is too celebratory, I guess I’m becoming a little immune to criticism these days,” he said last week. “As far as fireworks is concerned, that’s not my push. I’m just going with the flow on that one.”

But on Wednesday Nagin said the activities were part of an “evolving” program.

Now when are we going to hear that the Gala Ball for rich shits is cancelled?

July 26, 2006

Katrina Dinner 2006

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Here’s an interesting commemerence project for all of us that call New Orleans OUR home.


July 24, 2006

“Crescent City Dis-Connection”

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Today the Mayor’s Office released details of the Commemoration Farce of the first anniversary of the arrival of Katrina and the subsequent failure of the Corps’ engineering work that flooded 80% of the city. It’s going to be a high-toned affair over three days and nights. There are basically four venues: Harrahs, the Morial Convention Center, the Arena and the Superdome.

From what I can see on the Events Schedule, there are only a few that the public is invited to attend. Much of it all requires tickets, especially for the Masquerade Gala (Diamond & Platinum tickets only). I guess the Mayor’s Office only wants us locals to be around as extras for the One New Orleans Procession and the fireworks display. Maybe we will be asked to show for the laying of wreaths at the levee breaks.

Outside of the wreaths thing, none of the rest seems to fit with what all of us locals need to be doing that day: hugging friends, sharing food, helping clean the place up, saying prayers for all who were killed by the Corps’ arrogance and follies or just sitting in quiet reflection of what the last year has brought to our lives.

And this B/S fireworks show? Fireworks are for a celebration. Most of us have little to celebrate at Year One Post-Deluge. If there was to be fireworks, I think the proper target should be us shelling City Hall with missiles, and glint of torches reflecting off the pitchforks and axes that the locals are bearing. “Come down from thy tower Chocolate Ray…”

This entire delusional soiree is not what we need the folks around the world to see. The PTB are “dissing” New Orleanians. They show a total disconnect with the realities of what the populace here actually face. The Upper Crust should be ashamed of themselves. Screw you all!

I’m also confused: we still don’t have a Master Plan for the rebuilding, but they managed to put this shit together? Fuck you very much Mr. Groundhog Mayor! Glad to see you have finally come out of your burrow for a party you prick!

Sinn Fein!

What others are saying.

And here… 


July 10, 2006

Independance Day in New Orleans- A Film

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I picked this up from TruthOut. Nice little film concerning the bad dealings of HANO over the fate of the St. Bernard projects.

Also, it shows the tenacity of the tenents in getting back their homes in a New Orleans’ style.

Sinn Fein!

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