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December 13, 2008

Nagin’s Hissy-fit

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So our esteemed Mayor doesn’t like the City Council’s budget. Fuck him.

No increase in the number of police here in the murder capital of the U.S., and no fixing of street lights or street signs? Screw that fuckmook to the wall kids.

Here’s some more of the mook’s thoughts (?)-

A press release issued by Nagin’s administration said that the personnel freeze would prevent the NOPD from reaching its goal of 1,700 officers, instead keeping their numbers at about 1,575.

The release added that the city would not fill open positions in the fire department or the 24 open positions in the Office of Safety and Permits that Nagin said would have an adverse effect on the City’s efforts to reduce the amount of time residents must wait for building and electrical permits. Here’s more.

This mother-fucking piece of shit must FUCKING GO! He can’t get his $75M for a new Charity Hospital and he takes a temper tantrum and takes it out on the citizens of New Orleans.

The V.A. can take over the the Lindy Boggs site, and LSU can rebuild Charity Hospital. Why destroy a neighborhood for Nagin’s/Blakeley’s wet dreams?

Here’s some more of the Mayor’s cuts-

Nagin also vetoed the following items the city council designated to agencies outside of the city of New Orleans:

$1.7 million to the Indigent Defender Board. Nagin said he would propose at the next council meeting to add a $5 fee to each red light ticket to give to the Indigent Defender Board

$373,000 to the Recovery School District for after school programs

$600,000 to the DA’s office

$100,000 to NORD

$97,000 to Juvenile Court for Law Clerk salaries

$25,000 for Crimestoppers

$100,000 to LSU Cooperative Extension Service

$43,750 for Reserve Contingency

It is far past time for us, the citizens of New Orleans to rid ourselves of the fuckmook Nagin. He is just acting out like a spoiled kid that doesn’t get his way and is now acting out via a tantrum. As far as I’m concerned, he can hold his breath for the next two years or until we can recall his lame ass.

More on this shit from Your Right Hand Thief.

December 11, 2008

Snow Closes Down State Offices?

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Oh spare my fucking tush… the drivers in NOLA can’t deal with a little snow? Fuck you idiots.

I have driven through 5′ of snow in a Mazda MX-6 and had no probs. Are you folks that clueless? Bridges are closed? Screw you mooks. It’s just snow. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I’m living in the midst of a bunch of mooks. May the Goddess help me.

I’m sorry, but only congenital idiots can’t deal with 2″ of snow. (Hell, they can’t deal with rain on the CCC)

December 1, 2008

Limited Blogging

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Looks like my video card has pooped out, so that may mean I didn’t need a new tower two weeks ago. Hell, I have two systems now (Be very afraid). Betts is ordering a new SoundBlaster card and a video card for me tomorrow. Should be in Tuesday. If she’d order me another laptop I’d be in Geek Heaven, but finances are not in the right place for that.

I can’t take over her ‘puter during the day since she needs it for work (= $$$). I’ll try to keep up on things during the night.

On a health note, my prob has abated somewhat so I’m going to hang  on for my appointment on 12/15. Iron pills are helping with my loss of energy. I also need to assess my options since I am thourough when it comes to medical care (even though I do abuse my body… just me). I’m more scared of hospitals than I am of my habits.

The kind words from Gentle Readers have helped much on the health front- I won’t let ya’s down.

Now I must serve teh kittehs their canned food and find my bed. I have a date with some blankets.

Be Blessed!

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