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December 19, 2008

Ahh the Hostlidays…

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Liprap turned me onto this. She didn’t want to post it on her site because of the horror.

Me? I’m just a sick, twisted bitch. I’m going to post it.

For the Nola Bloggers Hostilidays.

There you go Adrastos… Lippy turned me on to this video and I’ve now published in online.  Liprap and I can share the Hostilidays award.


Save the Mid-City New Year’s Bonfire

I mentioned this topic yesterday.

Now there’s a petition to Save the Bonfire. Go and sign it please. We can’t allow the fuckmooks and Nagin’s Minions to destroy our way of life.

Sinn Fein!

December 18, 2008

What Love Is…

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From A at First Draft- here.

I love this woman and her viewpoints.

The T in LGBT That Will Not Remain Silent

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Yeppers, that would be moi.

There’s a current controversy about the minister that Obama has chosen fo his inaugaration as President.

I don’t give two shits about Warren filling this role- I just ignore Evangelicals since most of them are mooks. My heart automatically protects me.

Now, I want Barack Obama to utter the word “Transgendered”.

Is that too much to ask considering us Trans folk almost universally voted for the man?

Damn! This Could Get Me In Trouble.

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Sushi on a naked woman. I’m freakin’ there.

Update- Got too exicted and forgot to provide the link.


Why Can’t I Have a Free Car, Gas and Insurance?

I do my job as a proactive citizen- helped create a neighborhood association to work on the rebuilding of NOLA, am a 10 year Veteran of the military, work on Trans and LGBT issues, fight for food banks and just keep up on the news about what’s really going down here. Why don’t I have a city-payed car?

Yes Gentle Readers, the above is pure snark.

The point of this is that the city provides free vehicles, insurance and fuel for many city employees. Why the Hell must my tax dollars go to provide a car for someone who works for the city? None of my past employers gave me a free car, and I was a General Manager for some of the largest bookstores in the country.  Being in the Navy didn’t get me a car. These people who are hired/appointed by the City to jobs don’t own cars?

There are only a few positions in city government that should provide individual vehicles for workers, and that’s Mayor, City Council, the Fire Chief and our top medical advisor. And NO… they can’t take them home. And city-paid fuel should only be for official duties. (Commuting from home to work and back is not an official duty. )

Our City Inspector General (yes, the same position our Mayor tried not to finance), just issued his first report on City spending on vehicles just from the Administration offices… it is a glaring example of waste considering that these are OUR servants. The full text of the report is here.

It is far past time for the fuckmooks to be taken down a few notches. They are abusing the citizens of the City and mostly never deliver on what their job provisions require (or they bring the deals in over budget).

We, the people of New Orleans, MUST reclaim our power as citizens.

And Mayor Nagin is trying to assert his “authoriti” concerning the City’s budget, and I’m leaving that poop to others to illuminate the junkyard of Nagin’s minions.

Sinn Fein!

No New Year’s Eve Bonfire in Mid-City?

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A 70 year old tradition is in peril from the Modernist mooks. Read the latest attack on New Orleans’ Culture here

My response- Well I do not support suppression of the Cultural expressions of the folks of New Orleans.

Let’s get this game on and have the Bonfire (I’ll even end my “Stay @ Home, eat Ruebans and drink Margaritas” to save this event)

I’m tired of the City trying to control our lives and gentrify our town. All of us who returned did so for a reason- this is our home and these are our ways. Time to drive that point home once and for all.



“Greater than scene is situation. Greater than situation is implication. Greater than all of these is a single, entire human being, who will never be confined in any frame”. Eudora Welty

Here’s Editor B’s take on this travesty.

This is from M. Homan.

And from the Wet Bank Guy.

Goddess knows I LOVE Civic Blogging. To be able to tweak the nose of some pin-headed mook is just the best thing in the World!

December 17, 2008

I Am Not Dying, Just Exhausted

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3.5 hours at the V.A. today with my Doc and many others. My low weight is fine, but I need more carbs. Need bloodwork for the HIV, but I look very well.  Yes I need some meds to help sleep and work on my anxiety over New Orleans’ fate. These things can be fixed.

My bleeding prob will be fixed next month. The Ovarian/Uterine worries will be resolved by tests. The sinus/tinnitus probs are to be resolved. Everything is within allowable parameters.

It’s about stress and not having seen a doc for years. Doc said I was worried about too many things, especially about my health condition, our house and the City.  There’s a ton of bloodwork ahead, but this guy is great with HIV stuffs.  He knows my history, and the fact that I violate all of the thoughts on the course of this disease. The rationale is that I have worn myself out whilst trying to fight many issues. (Of course y’all knew that I would go to that point.)

I will not stop on these issues. Now I can calm down on what all of this work is doing to my body. And this verifies that the Third Battle for New Orleans keeps me alive. One must have a reason to exist, and I freakin’ have one- the Soul of New Orleans. Even if I must leave this plane, New Orleans and Her folks must be restored.

Considering the B/S of Mayor Nagin and his business friends, I just might live forever. Works for me Darlin’s.

After my inquisition I headed to Krystal for some Murder Burgers and continued to the Starlight. I chomped away whist talking to friends about what is going down in the community. Had a few cocktails too. Realized that the angst/anxieity/depression of being a rebuilder in the City can make for some strange feelings.  I’m tired, but Doc Oct saved my life today.  What I’m feeling is the fight, not my mortality.

I ain’t going anywhere but New Orleans.

Geek Dinner at our house next month, and I will be able to celebrate all that we NOLA Bloggers have worked for. There is no reason to back down now. The Goddess protects those who PROTECT.  And… It’s time for planning Rising Tide IV. This year nothing will stop me from from being a more active member than last year.

I am NOT going away anytime soon.  The Bitch from Gentilly shall abide, and she will fight like all Hell.

Sinn Fein

December 13, 2008

Spare Me…

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In my house the toilet seats sre down and so are the lids.

This Live Science article talks of the danger to little pinnies from toilet seats.

What the Hell is wrong with just sitting down on the pot? That way I I don’t have to clean the damn thing every day.

E Strikes!

Eli from “We Could Be Famous” delivers his petition to unseat Mayor Nagin’s buddy from the Department of Sanitation.

Here’s some background.

It’s time to take out the trash. And get rid of the fuckmooks.

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