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December 1, 2008

Limited Blogging

Filed under: Aside — Morwen Madrigal @ 4:33 am

Looks like my video card has pooped out, so that may mean I didn’t need a new tower two weeks ago. Hell, I have two systems now (Be very afraid). Betts is ordering a new SoundBlaster card and a video card for me tomorrow. Should be in Tuesday. If she’d order me another laptop I’d be in Geek Heaven, but finances are not in the right place for that.

I can’t take over her ‘puter during the day since she needs it for work (= $$$). I’ll try to keep up on things during the night.

On a health note, my prob has abated somewhat so I’m going to hangĀ  on for my appointment on 12/15. Iron pills are helping with my loss of energy. I also need to assess my options since I am thourough when it comes to medical care (even though I do abuse my body… just me). I’m more scared of hospitals than I am of my habits.

The kind words from Gentle Readers have helped much on the health front- I won’t let ya’s down.

Now I must serve teh kittehs their canned food and find my bed. I have a date with some blankets.

Be Blessed!


  1. Hey GG.

    Take care of yourself! Here’s something that I do when I’m feeling poorly. I watch a movie that makes me laugh or that has real joy in it.

    I’ll recommend two. That Thing You Do.
    The part where the kids hear their first record on the radio is wonderful

    It could Happen to You.
    Original Title: Cop Gives Waitress 2 million dollar Tip
    Bridgett Fonda, Nick Cage. The part where he gives here the “tip” and the end with the letters.

    Neither are perfect movies, but they have parts that are transcendent. Maybe a bit cheesy, but both have uplifting parts.

    And an old little seen classic:
    “Meet John Doe” This is a good one for Christmas time. I watch it every year.
    Betts might like it too.
    Gary Cooper Barbara Stanwyck
    It’s about the need to take care of each other and how the rich and powerful will use the poor to get what they want.
    This movie might give you some understanding of the part of people that DO reach out to their neighbors, even when they are half way across the country.
    Take care of your self with a little movie therapy GG.
    If you get a laptop you can watch “Meet John Doe” on line for free!

    Your Fan,

    Comment by spocko — December 4, 2008 @ 5:24 am

  2. Laughter does wonders–a movie that always makes me laugh (don’t laugh) is My Favorite Year. I love Peter O’Toole playing (?) drunk.

    GG, I am glad to hear you are feeling better. I know you will take care of yourself. You first.

    Comment by G Bitch — December 5, 2008 @ 7:17 pm

  3. Hmmm… I was thinking of “Get Shorty”, “1942″, “Brigadon”, “American Graffiti” and “Things To Come”.

    If nothing else, I’m complicated.

    Things are better and I see my doc in 11 days (he’s gonna kill me… or I’ll die from all the blood samples needed to deal with all these things- his revenge) Thank Goddess he likes me.

    Comment by Morwen Madrigal — December 5, 2008 @ 10:40 pm

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