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July 12, 2007

The Chocolate Meltdown…

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Nagin is calling for an investigation of our “if they are Black, let them go” D.A.. Our Police Chief doesn’t want to enter the fray. And our D.A. doesn’t wish to answer to the charges whilst the Feds and the State are finally climbing the gates.

Okay, this little Creole girl is finally getting into this fray. I don’t do the Black vs. White poop… I’m part of all sides, but when it comes to governance and public safety, this bitch must speak her mind, and for my Gentle Readers… it’s time to speak out.

Things must change into an equitable sharing of power and responsibility. Being the majority does not mean you hold the keys to the Kingdom.

And this comes from from a “colored” girl that desires all to live in harmony. (See bigots on both sides… some of us in the middle wish the best for all of us.)

For the rest of you shits, black or white… fuck you!

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