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May 11, 2007

Rush Tackles the Fundies

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“Now it’s comes to this
Wide-eyed armies of the faithful
From the Middle East to the Middle West
Pray, and pass the ammunition

So many people think that way
You gotta watch what you say
To them and them, and others too
Who don’t seem to see the things the way you do

Now it’s come to this
Hollow speeches of mass deception
From the Middle East to the Middle West
Like crusaders in unholy alliance

Now it’s come to this
Like we’re back in the Dark Ages
From the Middle East to the Middle West
It’s a plague that resists all science”

These are some of the lyrics from Rush’s new album “Snakes and Arrows”. No, I haven’t heard the album, but I do know the works of Rush, and all I need to do is read the lyrics. I’m ordering one right now.

Interesting review, and yes this guy is usually on target. You’ll get a taste of the thoughts related via the songs.

BTW-Rolling Stone turned 40 this month, but not that I would care… it’s meant for the great unwashed masses.

May 9, 2007

Tropical Storm Andrea

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Just freakin’ screw me now… the damn thing is moving SW and should be in the Gulf in a few days.

Fuck Entergy NO

So the CEO of our worthless, shareholder-driven utility says that even after receiving many millions of $ from the Feds, customers will still have to face rapist quality bills, and he thinks this shit is fine?

Fuck Entergy and the fat-assed white shareholders. They need to get a real job instead of screwing working folks so that they have ways to pay for their Cheez-Wiz and Tostadas whilst they stare at American Idol.

It’s not that I hate white people, it’s just that I hate lazy, self-serving vegamatic assholes that do nothing but act as leeches upon those who actually work for a living. They are disgusting parasites, and all they deserve is a visit to the gator farm, or a bullet to their brains.

Later this week I’m going to release my buying guide and info for alternative energy. This is really important for the folks here in the City, but it will also help those beyond the borders of our forgotten territory called the Ilse d’ Orleans.

May 6, 2007

National Geographic on Levees

Just found this link for a good primer on what we here in SE Louisiana are facing when it comes to erosion and levees.

May 5, 2007

Opus Lives!

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Today I found a wonderful Newsweek piece that was a breath of the Past for me. It’s an interview with Berkeley Breathed about his new children’s book “Mars Needs Moms!”. In reading the article, I found out that he still does a Sunday strip called “Opus” in the WaPo.

I thought he had given up news cartoons some years back, so this was like a present for me. “Bloom County” was a staple of my days living, or what passed for living, during the Reagan/Bush Sr. days. Even when the topic was one that made my blood boil, reading each day’s adventures with Milo, Opus, Bill and Steve Dallas brought a smile to my face.

There’s a link on Breathed’s Official Site that’ll bring old Bloom County fans some nostalgia and a weekly dose of the new strip.

Long live the Meadow Party! 

May 2, 2007

A Park vs. A Shopping Mall

I enjoy reading the New Yorker’s “New Orleans Journal”. Yesterday’s entry concerned a trip down the Lafitte Corridor  which many of us here in the City would like to reclaim as a walking park as opposed to it’s current use: a three-mile long junkyard. As I read further into the piece a sickening thought hit me: the Victory development group wants to build their retail center right through the heart of the Corridor!

Sure enough, as I read on, this conversation pops up in the article:

“A Georgia developer called Victory Real Estate Investments is trying to get permission from the City Council to hollow out twenty acres of mid-city in order to build a suburban-style shopping mall, which would bisect the Lafitte Corridor. As currently proposed, the site would include a hundred-ninety-thousand-square-foot Target, an eighty-thousand-square-foot Dick’s Sporting Goods, an eighty-thousand-square-foot Bed Bath & Beyond, a fifty-thousand-square-foot book superstore, and more than a hundred and thirty thousand square feet of other shops, surrounded by twenty-five hundred sun-baked surface parking spaces. For a city as pedestrian-friendly as New Orleans, it is a stunningly wrongheaded idea. What’s more, it might end the dream of the Lafitte Corridor. But, as Geoff put it, “This is a hard time for the City Council to say no to anyone who wants to drop tens of millions of dollars.” 

Now, I knew that Victory was planning retail development in Mid-City, but I didn’t realize that they wanted to build one massive project as described above. This is NOT what we need here in the City, especially in the Mid-City area. This will become a blight on the landscape, an ugly paw of the suburban mindset clawing it’s way into our quaint little landscape. The traffic alone cannot be handled by our small streets, and Carrollton with the trolley line, will become a nightmare. Our infrastructure is not set up for this kind of development.

I say that Phase One of the Corridor project should start today, and that all concerned citizens of the City stay on the asses down at City Hall to force Victory to change it’s plans and come up with a more decentralized shopping scenario.

May 1, 2007

18 Missing Inches in New Orleans

Here’s a piece from Greg Palast concerning the release of the Trade Paperback version of “Armed Madhouse: From Baghdad to New Orleans.

As always I have snippets, and this one is a reminder of the truths of the Federal Flood and our demand for REPARATIONS:

“The White House had good reason, or at least political and financial reasons, to keep mum. A hurricane is an act of God, but catastrophic levee failure is an act of the Administration. Once the federal levees go, evacuation, rescue and those frightening words – responsibility and compensation – become Washington’s. Van Heerden knew that “not an act of God, but catastrophic failure of the levee system” would mean that, at least, “these people must be compensated.”

Not every flood victim in America gets the Katrina treatment. In 1992, storms wiped out 190 houses on the beach at West Hampton Dunes, home to film stars and celebrity speculators. The federal government paid to completely rebuild the houses, which, hauled in four million cubic feet of sand to restore the tony beaches, and guaranteed the home’s safety into the coming decades – after which the “victim’s” homes rose in value to an average $2 million each.”

Reparations to the victims of the Federal Flood!

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