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January 13, 2007

Who is a New Orleanian?

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Okay, I am a Native of this place. My bloodlines span all of the folks that call this place home, and I am more than proud to say I’m a New Orleanian.

Yes, i was gone for decades from this holy place, but I needed to see the world. Ya’s know what? This is the place and these are the folks I wish to spend my life with.

You see, when you find the place of your heart, you give your life to Her. You cede everything to that place. You live and die with Her. You belong.

I given my heart and soul to this little sliver of marshland along the great river. All of the rest of my life resides here. This is where I will die and freakin’ love. This is the place for my life… can you state the same feeling?

Tonight I go out to cheer our Saints. It’s just a god-damned game, but it’s one that we of New Orleans needs. We need to see a win, because our politicians and the State and Feds are failing us. We need to have support and recognition. We need a damned WIN in life.

Why am I harping on this topic? Well just account it to someone who is proud of their homeland, someone who thinks their neighbors are aces… someone who gives a shit about those around them, and someone who is scared shitless for her home.

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