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May 27, 2006

Secret FEMA Plan To Use Pastors as Pacifiers in Preparation For Martial Law

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I’m not usually in the “It must be a Conspiracy…” camp, but I ran across this today on Prison

Considering some of the response and actions perpetrated on N.O. after the Deluge, this kind of crap frighteningly seems possible to me considering the current Ruling Elite to me. I don’t like thse kinds of threats to our liberties as citizens of this country.

Figures… I thought we had already been screwed enough here, and it looks like it could be worse nexttime. Fuck!

Read on:

Secret FEMA Plan To Use Pastors as Pacifiers in Preparation For Martial Law
Nationwide initiative trains volunteers to teach congregations to “obey the government” during seizure of guns, property, forced inoculations and forced relocation

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | May 24 2006

A Pastor has come forward to blow the whistle on a nationwide FEMA program which is training Pastors and other religious representatives to become secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to “obey the government” in preparation for a declaration of martial law, property and firearm seizures, and forced relocation.

In March of this year the Pastor, who we shall refer to as Pastor Revere, was invited to attend a meeting of his local FEMA chapter which circulated around preparedness for a potential bio-terrorist attack, any natural disaster or a nationally declared emergency.

The FEMA directors told the Pastors that attended that it was their job to help implement FEMA and Homeland Security directives in anticipation of any of these eventualities. The first directive was for Pastors to preach to their congregations Romans 13, the often taken out of context bible passage that was used by Hitler to hoodwink Christians into supporting him, in order to teach them to “obey the government” when martial law is declared.

It was related to the Pastors that quarantines, martial law and forced relocation were a problem for state authorities when enforcing federal mandates due to the “cowboy mentality” of citizens standing up for their property and second amendment rights as well as farmers defending their crops and livestock from seizure. It was stressed that the Pastors needed to preach subservience to the authorities ahead of time in preparation for the round-ups and to make it clear to the congregation that “this is for their own good.”


Check out this source too:   NVOAD program

May 26, 2006

I’m back online…

Okay… my laptop died a few days ago, or at lteast the power switch died. I’ve been almost insane since then.

Today Betts got her new IBM, and I got her laptop. This puter is different: there’s only one of them in the world. It’s a prototype for the company Betts works for. Life is good.

Speaking of prototypes, we here in the Isle d’Orleans have the once in a lifetime chance to be just that as we restore our homes, infrastructure and that strange life culture that flourishes in the old French-held territory along our part of the Gulf Coast.

We get to reinvent ourselves and our cities and towns. We have the chance to show the world how things can be done and still preserve our ways of life. New Orleans can flower into the best city on the globe. Our schools and universities can become cutting-edge, but… we have to be willing to dare to be creative.
Unfortunately, Willy Wonka announced his 100 day plan for N.O., and is calling for a revitalization of the BNOBC Plan. This cannot stand: It will kill our culture and replace it with the same old bland crap that litters America’s landscape. This must be fought against and forgotten.
Look at the concepts produced by the Gentilly Charrette. Think outside the old Neo-con money box. Let’s rebuild smart and inclusive of all here. Get rid of those damn Projects. Remove blight. Tell the carpetbaggers to go screw themselves. Bring everyone home…

It’s not going to be easy. There will be hurdles to jump, but I believe we can pull it off when no other place in this country could. We are special… New Orleans made us that way. Let’s celebrate and honor Her, and do the best damn job we can.


May 18, 2006

Environmental group says some FEMA trailers unsafe

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I just knew something was wrong with my still-unpowered FEMA trailer… formaldehyde!

Before they locked it up I went in to see what living in a little white box would be like, and suddenly I couldn’t breathe. (I have asthma.)

Here’s a breaking story:

Environmental group says some FEMA

trailers unsafe

An environmental group says thousands of Hurricane Katrina victims in Mississippi and Louisiana may be living in unsafe conditions after tests it conducted showed dangerous levels of formaldehyde in some government trailers.

The Sierra Club on Wednesday asked for a congressional hearing after it claimed that 30 out of 32 Federal Emergency Management Agency trailers it tested had levels of formaldehyde that were unsafe.

‘‘We started doing this testing because people were getting sick, having nosebleeds and having constant coughs,” said Mississippi Sierra Club spokeswoman Becky Gillette. ‘‘The government is making people sick. They are putting people back in harm’s way.”

May 11, 2006

Color Me Angry…

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I picked this up from the T-P late tonight. My heart hurts, and sleep is very far away right now.

This story upsets me greatly:Without the fact of Fate and a wonderful partner, I could easily be one of the future homeless people. I’m permanantly Disabled, 22 years of HIV and HEP-C…. I’ve worked for almost four decades, a veteran for nine years, and I’ve spent the last three decades working on Social Issues.

Would someone like me stand for this Federal screw-job on poor people?

If I had an AK-47 and a 9mm Glock, FEMA would need some new people. (I don’t miss. I’m a professional.)

I don’t care what anyone thought of the folks in the Treme, the 6th through 7th Wards, the Lower Ninth…. they are freakin’ us! They are part of our city, and dammit’, we need to fight for them.

This was a Federal Disaster… it hurt all of us, and the freakin’ Feds had better own up to that. The Feds owe us.

Look… I’ve had a 45 in my chest, been chased on my bike at 4 AM. That’s freakin’ life. All of us deserve to come home to N.O.. Maybe things will be different… maybe not, but that’s the city. It’s what we live with and accept.

I biked the neighborhods… watched the Grannies cooking gumbo, the kids playing in the yards… Try to find that anywhere else in America. Rejoice in what we actually have here… a real Culture.
This is my city… my home. Accept it as yours, and get ready for the fight of your lives. It’s coming, and our city is worth saving. There is nothing else we can do.
I’m ready… are you?

Policy shift could leave thousands of evacuees homeless

By Bruce Nolan
Staff writer

A coalition of advocates for displaced New Orleans residents called on the city’s mayoral candidates Wednesday to speak up for thousands of families exiled to Houston and elsewhere who are about to lose FEMA rental assistance, and perhaps their apartments.

A FEMA spokesman in Austin confirmed that about 7,000 of the 36,000 New Orleans area families now living in Houston are at risk of losing rental vouchers because they do not qualify for a longer-term federal assistance program with tougher eligibility requirements.

Local families displaced to other states after Hurricane Katrina are in a similar bind, although national numbers were not available Wednesday.

The news distressed local housing advocates for the poor, who said they worry that New Orleans tenants evicted in Houston may try to make their way back home, where there is little to no affordable housing for them.

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