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May 26, 2006

I’m back online…

Okay… my laptop died a few days ago, or at lteast the power switch died. I’ve been almost insane since then.

Today Betts got her new IBM, and I got her laptop. This puter is different: there’s only one of them in the world. It’s a prototype for the company Betts works for. Life is good.

Speaking of prototypes, we here in the Isle d’Orleans have the once in a lifetime chance to be just that as we restore our homes, infrastructure and that strange life culture that flourishes in the old French-held territory along our part of the Gulf Coast.

We get to reinvent ourselves and our cities and towns. We have the chance to show the world how things can be done and still preserve our ways of life. New Orleans can flower into the best city on the globe. Our schools and universities can become cutting-edge, but… we have to be willing to dare to be creative.
Unfortunately, Willy Wonka announced his 100 day plan for N.O., and is calling for a revitalization of the BNOBC Plan. This cannot stand: It will kill our culture and replace it with the same old bland crap that litters America’s landscape. This must be fought against and forgotten.
Look at the concepts produced by the Gentilly Charrette. Think outside the old Neo-con money box. Let’s rebuild smart and inclusive of all here. Get rid of those damn Projects. Remove blight. Tell the carpetbaggers to go screw themselves. Bring everyone home…

It’s not going to be easy. There will be hurdles to jump, but I believe we can pull it off when no other place in this country could. We are special… New Orleans made us that way. Let’s celebrate and honor Her, and do the best damn job we can.


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