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August 15, 2006

The First Step…

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Today Betts and I hired our first contractor for the compound, a complete replacement of the roofs on the house and the pool house. ( and yes, I did good background checks on them.) This evening saw both of us just sorta meltdown. This is the first step we have been waiting on for almost a year.

Right now I feel that all of the pain, worry, brainstorming and hope is finally catching up to me. The candle has been burning from both ends and the middle for far too long. I think I’m finally understanding how tired I am with all of this, just like most others in town. How the Hell can the folks of New Orleans keep going whilst dealing with the sheer magnitude of what we all face is amazing. It’s an expression of love. The Feds are probably searching for an antidote for this attachment to the city. I don’t think they can find one.
So now I’m working on sewing up the rest of the various contractors we need, and I’m thinking we could be in our house again by Thanksgiving at the latest. January should see the courtyard rebuilt, and next Spring I start the new landscaping. By the Deluge’s second anniversary, all should be in place, especially us.

That’s it for today. Must crash and burn so that another day can be faced here.

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