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October 31, 2007

Samhain ’07…

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Today is a very Sacred day to me and mine. Yes, putting on a costume and running around is a blast, but this day means much more than just the frivolities: it’s a day to reflect on the last year and honor those who have left this plane and to look at what has gone down over the last year.

Tonight I will be thinking about a friend that died a few days ago from some strange things. (ruined my game during the tourney last night… the game meant nothing once someone told me he had passed.) He wanted me to help with a cyber presentation for his new product line.

I’ll also be pondering the events of the last year: the trials and tribulations of getting our home fixed and the souls that went by the wayside during the cycle. The many wins and losses also must be looked at, and then there must come the postulate for the next year: what shall I do in the Future?

The first thing is to get our home and the compound fixed. The next is to keep working on making life better for the folks in New Orleans and putting a monkey-wrench into the money-pigs’ plans that will harm our culture here. To continue to fight the Third Battle For New Orleans.

This is the third Samhain since the Federal Flood. The first I mourned for the damage and the dislocations of folks and the lives lost. Last year was concerned with all of us coming home. This year is about a completion and a new beginning.

My wish is that we all look at the last cycle, mourn the losses, forgive the transgressions and look to a new year and what may come.

It’s a new world Darlins.

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