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March 20, 2008

Not My Druthers, But Today I Wish…

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I Wish I was a Grannie.

Before I was 1 year old all chance of being a grannie, or a mother, or a great-great grannie, went down the tubes when a faulty Culture felt that they could “control” the Destiny of others unlike them. They got to choose back my “identity” then. I was programmed to a certain course. (Yeah… right.)
Well, this little Soul knows that they were/are wrong, and that she would have taught her children well, been there as things didn’t always fit the Beliefs, helping when the “Culture” created situations that would weed-out “what was not their own”. To “see” what a real person sees. To be intelligent and thoughtful, caring and innovative. To give a damn because we have seen alot…

And we don’t want the ones to come to have to see the horrors and cheats that we have witnessed during our time in this Plane. This doesn’t mean that we are the ne plus ultra of the Sages and Wise, but that we passed on our stories and our priorities, pains, hopes and desires. That we give them the right textbooks, and someone to do homework with.

With that above, here’s something interesting to read. (Not long… KOS can wait.)

Anyone can postulate a “New World”, but I believe in a living Real World. (Child-like, eh’?) They must be able to bear witness to what they think, see and feel. They must live Life and pass that information along. The problem comes in when where the slant of the observations come from: “No Change” or “Become”.
Can we teach our children well?

That is the question.

For myself, the choice has always been to “Become”..

“Be Blessed!”


  1. If you care to choose to be a grannie, or perhaps sample the waters, you are welcome here. My kids need all the positive role models they can get. Having more people who can appreciate the stress of a gendered world would be a help. Will is struggling trying to figure out where to stand in all of it… his peers are very gender divided (girls do THAT, boys do THIS… as a way to understand themselves). While at home, we fully support his playtime in dresses and love of painting his nails. Granted, the above equal his love of camo boots, pirates, and power tools. In short: he’s perfectly happy exploring the full scope of his person and we fully encourage it… this same exploration is just not encouraged by the rest of the world, especially as he gets older. (Don’t make me go off about the day a parent approached me in the park upset because Will was hugging and holding hands with another boy…) Anyway.

    The offer stands! Betty, too. Tonight’s menu is homemade pizza! Just send a holler.

    Comment by coldspaghetti — March 20, 2008 @ 1:56 pm

  2. Can’t make it tonight Darlin’, but as soon as we are settled, we’ll take you up on the offer.

    I can also pull together mucho info for you on any aspect of this topic.

    I wish someone had told me the truth long ago… would have saved a lot of pain, but looking back at it, I wouldn’t be who I am now.

    Good on y’all for seeing that he IS exploring himself.

    Comment by Morwen Madrigal — March 20, 2008 @ 5:13 pm

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