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October 20, 2006

More Medical fun in NOLA

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I have found myself being very irritable and run down lately. Been eating well and getting my sleep, but this does not seem to make up for this dragging feeling.

Two months ago Tinnitus started in my left ear. It hasn’t stopped since then. Sometimes it’s a steady tone that is mildly discomfiting, but recently it can reach mega-volume that sounds like a train is racing through my head. It can even wake me up at any time during sleeping. Being around too many conversations at once or in a bar with the music blaring can make me get a little crazed. After a time all of my hearing vanishes into white noise and I begin to feel very alone and scared. I am also experiencing episodes of vertigo which is becoming dangerous living in a tiny shotgun that’s crowded and having 7 kittens running around. (I know that’s what caused me fall and crack some ribs recently.)
I’ve doing my homework on the condition and going through my physical remedies, but it’s time to once again attempt to get an appointment with my doc. *rolls eyes* This isn’t any fun and I’m worried that I may be going deaf. The prospect of this happening is more upsetting than my year of blindness. Even blind I could hear things and operate somewhat normally, but not being able to hear is very dibilitating  with my style of living. I like my peace and quiet… I can just think or relax. This sonic nightmare is removing what little fun there is here since the Deluge.

It is also vexing that we have so little of the VA hospital running. Where are they going to send me for all of these tests? The prospect of having to travel to Baton Rouge, Jackson or Houston is rough right now. We have meetings with contractors to do and I spend time at the old house as they are doing their work in case they have questions. It’s a crappy time to need to travel.

Oh well, this little bitch will just have to tackle this latest post-Deluge ailment. Ughhhh.


  1. Klonopin is very helpful for tinnatus. I have it too.

    Comment by Marco — October 21, 2006 @ 2:54 pm

  2. It could be an inner ear problem, like Meniere’s. I will keep you in my (good) thoughts.

    Comment by gbitch — October 22, 2006 @ 10:24 pm

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