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April 26, 2007

Mike Becomes Christine

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The Trans community never ceases to amaze me. Our lives are mainly about internal doubt and pain… often we don’t really live because of the dilemma we face not just in this culture but also what we will face even when we accept what we are. I can tell you that the person I was in 2001 was a tortured person… one who only desired to be herself and enjoy being with other folks for once. My heart aches with joy whenever another person finds their way out of the maze that is our lives as I did.
In today’s L.A. Times one of the sportswriters came “out” as a Transsexual. It is a well-written piece, and I am so proud of our new sister. Please read her column. She is an example of what our little tribe is all about: soul-searching, bravery and the quest for living our truths.

Hello Christine baby! Pink cigars for everyone!!!

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