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November 10, 2009

What Being “OUT” Really Means-

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9/21/01… that was the day I stared at my shotgun barrel and was thinking of pulling the trigger. Then a voice rang out in my home saying, “You have much more to do”.

I’ve written about this over the years, so I’m not going to repeat it all here

That day I “Outed” myself. Yes I had done many protests over the years for different issues, but that day I had to declare who I am and what I stood for, what I believed in.

When I say “Believe”, I mean you must own it to the very core of your soul. What you are and what you are not. How you see the World and what you think about things going down. You become a participant and no longer can be just a bystander.

That’s the day when you become Real. “Hey there! I’m fuckin’ alive and living here and I don’t like the shit going down”. That is the day you truly join the Dance, the time that you can begin to use the power that you were gifted from the One. It also means you are responsible for that which goes down around you, in your sphere, your neighborhood, your life.

Yes, it sux, but it’s gotta be done.

The truth is that to realize oneself, you must strive to help others to come to that same place in Life. You may not agree with them, but that’s their Journey, not yours. You facilitate their growth even when they oppose your being. You become a helper, and the wierd thing is that they wind up embracing you because you cared. (and who says Life isn’t interesting?)

This message is not about Trans, but about all of us. When WE CARE about each other, the World works pretty good. When there is no care we wind up with the crap-pile of a World we all currently face. Our care, tears, laughter and pains drive this World, not the corporations.

We are Power and it’s far past time to use it.

Become yourself and grab hold of Life. “OUT” yourself.

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