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January 5, 2009

Draggin’ For Pussy Suicide Drag Show

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I have to say that I have many interesting friends… weird might cover it (No this isn’t about the NOLA Bloggers). And I am here to tell you that they have big hearts and are somewhat insane. So, with no further explanations, here is the promo for a SPCA benefit this weekend at the Starlight-

Miss Toebe’s Draggin’ For Pussy Suicide Drag Show & Cookie Sale


Saturday, January 17th, 2009

at Starlight By the Park

834 North Rampart St.

Dog Bone shaped Peanut Butter cookies filled with chocolate

donated by Palate New Orleans (504-864-2990)


Show #1

Showtime 9 PM


Regina Adams

Marcy Marcell

Princess Stephanie

Zas Zas Del A Whore

Trudy DeMille

Sandy Phillips


Silky Fountaine

Show #2

Showtime 11 PM



Jaded Jade

Miss D

Kelly Waters

Star Daniels

Athena Jewelle

Anita Rich Goodman

Passion Armani Cassidine

Help control the Drag Queen population! Have your Drag Queen spaded or neutered.

And no, I don’t do this sort of thing (rolls eyes) unless it’s for HIV or children’s benefits. There is no way I can be as entertaining as the above lineups can be.

Come on down, have some laughs, buy some cookies, drink Progressively

and help support efforts to help the doggies, teh kittehs, ferrets and box turtles in the area.

Thus ends our civic-minded broadcast for today.

January 2, 2009

Paint Party at David’s House

Silence is Violence and NoLA Rising are teaming up for a Paint Party in order to protest the ineffectivness of NOPD and the D.A.’s Office on matters of crime within our city. This protest will take place at the home of Willow and Feather who have created a wonderful memorial to Willow’s son David who was murdered in ’01.

The reason for the choice of venue is outlined in an article from today’s T-P.

I think the neighbors, the Taylors, who so much want to have Willow remove her expressions of love are true fuckmooks, especially when they moved into the neighborhood years after Willow started on her memorial to her lost son. They feel it hurts their property value, but did they not notice the house next to the one they were purchasing at the time?

Yet another example of outsiders coming in, smacking down $$$ for a home in an old neighborhood and then going bat-shit insane when they finally realize that the culture they were surrounded by wasn’t exactly their cup of tea. And then they attempt to stop our cultural expressions to suit their desires. They will not win… you either “get” New Orleans or you don’t. If the latter is true, get the Hell out of our city.

To see pics, go here.

Sinn Fein

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