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October 27, 2008

I Think Validation Has Arrived…

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My Gentle Readers know that I’m a Transgendered person. (actually, I hate that term) In reality I am Intersexed since I was born with, and most of them still are in me, the boy and girl parts.

Over the years when I would lecture or discuss Transexualism, I’d do my “Hormone Imbalance in Utero” song and dance. It explained the possibillities on gender developement for a developing fetus. If the Testosterone pulses did’nt occur or were muted, the fetus stays with the fail-safe option which is female.  These pulses, two in fact, have different purposes- one affects brain structure and the other affects the Gonadal developement. (BTW- I’m only describing the scenario for Male-to-Female Trans folks. I really don’t understand the reverse, but I do have some friends that went that route,)

So imagine my pleasure at seeing research from Australia concerning my sisters and their conditions this weekend. This is a tentative validation for my little tribe, and maybe now the Religeous Reich will stop demonizing us.

Our lives are not a choice. The only real choice we have is to live as we see ourselves or to live a tortured (internally) existance.

I salute my sisters who accepted themselves and made the right choice. You gave me the courage to do what I had to do.


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