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October 21, 2008

“Buddy, Can You Share Some Bootstraps?”

Toulouse Street has a great piece today that addresses the fears of those in the “we can take care of ourselves unlike ‘THOSE’ people in New Orleans” concerning their Ruling Party’s almost absolute destruction of the economy and the fallout they will have to deal with in their lives and familes.

Ya’s know those kinds- the Can Do’s, the Heartland types and  others who looked down on those decadent NOLANS. Well, we are surviving our disaster. Can you survive yours? Do you know how?

Here’s the opener for the post-

“America is worried. What it will be like to lose your home and all your possessions, to see your job shipped off to another town, to be forced to pay out the mortgage on a house no longer yours while you try to make the rent? Will the government help me, or will all those hundreds of billions in aid they voted just evaporate into people’s pockets before it gets reaches the average person?

How, they worry, will they survive such a catastrophe?

I suggest they have a parade. It worked for New Orleans.”

Read the entire piece Gentle Readers. It’s good advice for these times.

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