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September 15, 2008

Mayor Nagin Suspends the NCDC

Here is my letter to the City Council concerning Mayor ( Corporate Capitalist) Nagin’s suspension of the demolition oversight of the Neighborhood Conservation District Committee-

As a co-founder of the Gentilly Civic Improvement Association and the Rising Tide, I am alarmed by Mayor Nagin’s suspension of the NCDC’s oversight over demolitions of homes/buildings.

Yes, there are many places that should be demolished due to unsafe conditions, but many can be saved as their owners are trying to put together the funds with which to finance the repairs. It would be a crying shame if perfectly good homes and buildings are destroyed just because the Mayor has made a “decision”.

You are OUR City Council. You are OUR representatives. You are OUR City’s protection against outrages such as that fomented by Mayor Nagin and his developer friends. As a city, it would be a major loss to have gaping holes within neighborhoods, especially when there seems to be no upkeep on the vacant lots.

New Orleans has a flavor, one that is totally unique in this country. The feel that a person has whilst walking the streets looking at a continuity of History is one of connection and pride of place. It shows how much we love our little place within the suburban sprawl that contaminates most of our country. It’s what makes New Orleans, “New Orleans”.

Please, please don’t let Mayor Nagin begin a wholesale demolition of the city without some form of oversight. My partner and I have invested heavily in rebuilding our home, but some of our neighbors are still struggling to get to where we are right now. They deserve the chance to pull it together, but Mayor Nagin’s decree concerning the suspension of the NCDC takes that chance away.

Mayor Nagin has chosen the wrong path to the restoration of New Orleans. It is up to all of you to keep this City on the right path as we rebuild our wonderful home. Otherwise, we the people of New Orleans may just have to take matters into our own hands to stop this outrageous infingement of our independent rights as homeowners.


Miss Morwen niAnne Madrigal,
Rising Tide

This is how we do it. Sinn Fein!

September 14, 2008

Morons For Palin

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Great short opinion piece concerning Sarah Palin on the Huffington Post. (I do take umbrage about the “Tranny makeup” shot… I see her makeup as more like that of a Drag Queen’s, but that’s just me.)

September 11, 2008

Rooms At the Inn?

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Our B/S Mayor “Give me the Mike” Nagin is at it again. He procliams a Mayor’s special rate for evacuees from Houston, and no hotel knows anything about it.

What a mook.

September 8, 2008

We Don’t Like Ike

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Still 5 days out, but the storm tracks look like “Hello Houston!”, and I don’t like that since we have friends and family there. Batten down the hatches Sweeties.

Here’s a running NHC track-

September 6, 2008

More Palin Poop

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My Gentle Readers know that I am days away from getting caught up with mess that is the Repugs because of the storm, but I just found a good piece on how to clear a record of illegal actions… just shut down the investigation by the power of your political allies.

Republican Ticket = Lies

Yes, I did get to see some of last speaches from that dung-heap called the Repug Convention. McInsane’s words were boring, but Sarah Palin’s bullshit pushed me over the edge. If, and only if, the Repugs win the Presidency and McInsane dies in office, this bitch will be trying to roll back so many of the gains of Women’s and LGBT Civil Rights gains over the last 40 years.

We have fought too long and too hard to allow the forces of ignorance to destroy our lives and freedoms. We do not wish to enter the Dark Ages again. Never again the Burning Times. Never again to be ruled by religious mooks that hate who and what we are.

I’m still digging dirt on Palin, and yes I will be very active during the last two months of this campaign, but I just had to tell you about this collection of Palin’s actions and lies.

Curtsey to the Humid Haney Rant.

September 5, 2008

The Wonder That Is New Orleans

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Yes we stayed and survived. I got really sick with no power in the house, but trips to our friends at the Starlight helped out greatly.

Much of the food supplies went to help feed folks who headed to the bar for friendship and information. This is what New Orleanians do… help each other. Once again I am freakin’ blown away by the kindness and care that the “Faithful” provide to each other in this most special and sacred of cities.

Last night we ran more food to the Starlight and then went to Fahey’s to meet up with some of the Bloggers who stayed and a few who were just returned. (Here’s the list of the usual suspects- Bec, Maitri & D, David, Jeffery, Sarah and the two of us. If I forgot anyone, please accept my apologies.)

Today I walked the neighborhood greeting folks that were just returning home. I love the folk around here, and they like us. Seeing children come back was so very special. I felt like the Welcome Wagon without a cake for each family, but there were smiles all around.

There is more that I wish to say, but the damage to my body through the week is sapping what energy I have. Over the next few days I’ll have much more to tell about the “Ten Thousand” our fuckmook Mayor denigrated. We watched out for folks and our neighborhoods. All of us stood tall, and that’s what this city engenders in those who love Her.

Gentle Readers, time to think about a drink and see who else has gotten back. It’s just what we do.

As always, Be Blessed!

September 1, 2008

New Orleans Forever

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We are here, and the storm comes soon. This is the time to prove our work with the house.

And to show ya’s how not skeered I am, I’m making a ton of gumbo.

New Orleans trains the Faithful, and I am proud to represent St. Joan. We will stand.

Be Blessed Darlin’s…

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