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August 29, 2008

‘Twas Three Years Ago…

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we fled Katrina seeking safety in Houston. I remember listening to the radio blaring about total disaster for New Orleans when the storm would hit. (I was sure it would turn to the East) Betts and I were both crying as we sped down I-10. Our beloved city, filled with so many wonderful friends, was being depopulated and threatened by a Catagory 5 hurricane.

Now, three years later, many folks I knew have not returned. We have many new friends here, but the losses still casts a deep shadow on my heart. My life has changed over these last three years. For better or worse I will never be free of this pain.

Tonight I will sleep peacefully. What comes next week is what it shall be, and I will continue.

May the Goddess always Bless New Orleans and Her Faithful.

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