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July 17, 2008

Disband the NOPD NOW!

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I’ve been Blogging on the topic for the last week or so (been screaming about it since 2002), but this latest incident really enrages me.

A female cop gets pissed at another car picking up kids from a youth center and then whips out her gun whilst screaming “Bitch” at the other driver? There are lots of kids in the area? The cop who comes to investigate can’t do anything since he didn’t find the person who called 911, and then tells the woman she should have shot the guy who asked that she put the gun down because kids were around?

I am now way beyond being fucking pissed off with these fuckmooks. This shit is beyond belief.

This is just down-right freakin’ evil. These CREATURES think they RULE, and that’s not their job. They are to serve and protect. They are the ones that should have calm mentalities in order to handle situations, and instead these people are raging lunatics. Is this the kind of product the NOPD school is creating?

Being a cop means you should be respected, but it does not mean you are a god. I’m beginning to see no difference between the gun-toting crackheads and much of the NOPD.

We, as a community must redo our police department. It’s up to us to end this crap.

July 16, 2008

What Else Is There To Say?

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The only folks not attending are Mooks.

A Metaphysical Moment

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There are strange moments in all of our lives. I call them Epiphanies.

These are the times when we can truly “see” and make the changes needed that we are in control of.  This stuff hits you and you just have to go with flow… shoot the curl as I see it. Right now I feel like I’m carving a 60′ face and staying on my board. I’m seeing the moment and the flow, and the possibilities…

You, my Gentle Readers, know much of my mind. I realized why I have to be so open here: this city makes you accept your truth.  I had an epiphany years ago about my being, but returning to New Orleans gave me the avenue to really become myself. I can never, ever repay that gift.  Here you must be freakin’ real… it’s also about believing.

Here one must be their selves, must be real, must be a part of the whole.  That is the promise (as Lord David puts it, in the “Great Drunken Whore of a City that will Save your Soul”. ) Here you must be a part of the Whole. Ya’s gotta fucking play.

Here one must drop the Social cloak, bare yourself and just be yourself. Here in New Orleans you must live your Reality, or find it. Ya’s gotta be real.

New Orleans does this to real souls. She grabs you and makes you Live. That is Her gift to those willing to experience the true world. To live in a cauldron composed of many souls being themselves. To be part of the gumbo that is livingness.

It’s an interesting scenario, yes?

That’s why I came back to my ancestral home. I had to be a part of this Dance. And the Dance is wonderful… so many different folk “seeing” the same sort of Life. We move together in a symphony. It’s the way of the Real World. It is Life.

Marion Zimmer Bradley once wrote in one of her novels, “Only men laugh, only men cry and only men dance” (probably screwed that reference up and I should have written this as pan-sexual), but I “see” this here in New Orleans. Post-Flood, we fucking continue. We believe in the genius of our culture. We know what can happen in the Future. We stand in defense of our fanatstic managherie of people. This is our home, and there can be no other. And we dance the Dance.

There comes a point in Life that you MUST STAND.

A tale: In ’89 the Loma Prieta quake hit the Bay Area of California. We made it, but it reminded us of the fragility of our existence. The same happened here after the Federal Flood. We rebuild, we stand, we believe, and if we freakin’ go down so be it. The same goes for those of us in New Orleans… this is OUR place, and as She goes so shall we. This is our home.

Darlin’s, don’t count us out. We will continue to keep this place as the best city on the Planet. In my view, we here in New Orleans are the last of the “Free Peoples”, the ones that live real lives. We understand our mortality… remember, we have the cities of the Dead.

We eat food, drink and dance . We respect our Past and we understand the Future.   We LIVE, and that is the charm and wonder of this place.

It’s what the Dance of Life is all about. It’s what I’m about.


July 14, 2008

Good Eats

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Last night we wanted to go to the Bywater BBQ, but they were having kitchen probs so we went around the corner to the Country Club.

It’s a bit pricey, but damn is the food great! The crabcake appetizer came with with tomatoes, onions and an avacodo-Habanero cream was really fantastic (I still do better, but wonderful from a restaurant. )

Betts had the Redfish and it was very good. Brent had a burger and it was perfect. I had the Wild LA Mushroom  lasagna. Really freakin’ tasty.

We used to do tourneys and Black-Out parties there before the Flood. Had many nekkid water volley-ball games too.

Things have changed there, and I love the ambience and the food.  And there is a separate bar. Give this place a visit… you’ll love it

The Struggle My Tribe Lives With…

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For those of you who have been reading this Blog, this isn’t news, but newbies… I am a woman who has ALL of the girl and boy “parts”.  The oldest term was Hermaphrodite, later changed to Intersex, and now called DSD- Developemental Sex Disorder. (I’m sticking with Intersex because I don’t see my being as a disorder)

Life is very hard for my tribe. This article from EndocrineToday spells it out correctly.

This is another part of trying to do education of about who “we” are and what we are not.

More On the Wrongs of the Church

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As an Intersexed woman, a Lesbian and a Priestess to the Goddess, I expect to be burned at the stake by these freaks.

Here’s the take from Aussie-land.

July 13, 2008

I Fucking Hate the NOPD

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I did my piece earlier… thought it was gone from my soul, but it fucking ain’t. I’m mother-fucking pissed off with this shit.

Many years ago your’s truly was “Homeless”.  A friend noticed that I was still wearing the same clothes for two days and invited me to stay with him until I got back on my feet. I fixed his stove, made his dinners and cleaned his apartment. When the S.F. Examiner hired me, he made me stay a few more weeks in order for me to create a war chest for the Future. (I will always praise John Brown for that help) I never stopped after that.

I remember a friend that believed and cared for me, and I couldn’t let him down. He gave me the platform that started the rest of my freakn’ life.

A few years later I worked with the S.F. Mayors Office on homeless issues. I did what I could, but circumantances vary from person to person. I helped a few, but many I could not help, and they went where-ever.

What is happening in our city is a cleansing of those who don’t have much. I don’t have shit, but Betty takes care of me.  This is what good folks do:help the others… the Social Contract.

It is our duty to help those who are , shall we say,  not able to get their shit together. John Brown gave me the platform to move forward, and what I am doing is in his honor. I care, and I always will care. (spend a night sleeping under the bushes in a park…)

NOPD’s targeting of the Homeless is a fucking sin and a disgrace. What kind of fucking low-lives are these shits?  Don’t want to go there.

July 12, 2008

More NOPD Crap

I’m going to wind up in Orleans Parish Prison for going after this.

I have stated things about my mixed Bloodline before, so there is no Racist taint to what I’m getting ready to type. (I’m a Colored Intersexed person living as a woman for the newcomers here)

It is time to remove the Black fucks who are screwing up our city. I don’t fucking give a damn what Race someone is, I just want them to do their JOB and not screw with folks that have their own lives and thoughts. The City gov’mit seems to just do whatever they desire and screw the rest of us.

I didn’t sign on for this shit. I just want to live my life and there are fucking morons screwing up every thing about being able to live here.  We have the best house in the city and we are going to sink mega-bucks into a business here, and these shitheads are the ones that “run” this place? Just bend me over now.

To quote the late Ashley Morris: “Fuck You, You Fucking Fucks”.

There are many good folks in this city trying to rebuild, enhance and make it a place that people would want to live in. You fuckmooks are screwing all of our work up.

Look at Nagin’s fuck-buddys, the damn Jefferson family’s indictments. The shit that passes for “normality” that we the people don’t aspire to. This is our city, not yours. We live here and like it.

You bitches and bastards are screwing us over for your power grabs and your bank accounts. It’s time to purge the entire lot of you. New Orleans and Her people do not need you.

The people of New Orleans are well past being tired of your crap and soon we WILL end your shit. You will go down and go down hard. This is OUR city you assholes!

Sinn Fein!

Sorry you fucks at City Hall… I call B/S on your actions and priorities. You are demented Racist mooks that only care about yourselves. Where is the Social Contract in that?

Screwing Our FireFighters

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Hie thee to Charlotte’s Casa to read about more delays in the city’s raises to the boys and girls who protect us 24/7.

Yesterday I ranted about the NOPD and how ineffective and slipshod they are in the performance of their jobs. You Gentle Readers will never hear anything but the highest praises for our wonderful firefighters from me.

The New Orleans City Gov’mit has been nothing but shitty when it comes to the treatment and pay for our brave folks and their big red vehicles. This must stop. These folks stand and deliver each and every day, whilst the NOPD just screws around.

I still must lay this shit at the feet of Ray Nagin, the absent Mayor of New Orleans and his filthy, greedy Administration.

It’s way past time for a real change in this city, and these bozos will have to live a real life.

Sinn Fein!

July 11, 2008

NOPD Catches “Major” Criminals…

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my fucking tush.

Yes, NOPD has come up and defended us by baiting and trapping homeless folks: (and I’m giving you all of the report before the Pigs haul me off to jail)

“Editor’s Note: This story begins a three-part series on how police and prosecutors are spending public resources seeking lengthy prison sentences for non-violent, low-level crimes.

NEW ORLEANS – A pack of Kool cigarettes, a can of Budweiser and a box of Boston Baked Beans sat on the dashboard of an unlocked car with the windows rolled down at 1732 Canal St.

Somewhere nearby two New Orleans Police Department officers watched and waited for someone to reach into the bait car and snatch the items.

They wouldn’t have to wait long, as the police parked the car just one block away from a homeless encampment under the Claiborne Avenue overpass, where dozens of desperate, hungry and addicted people lived in a makeshift village of tents.

The first arrest was made at 12:25 p.m. June 10 when police say the initial suspect took the bait and stole a can of beer. The second arrest was made at 4:05 p.m. when police say a second suspect took the cigarettes, beer and candy.

For stealing less than $6 in items, the police charged the two homeless men with simple burglary, a felony that can carry up to 12 years in prison. Neither suspect had any prior arrests in Orleans Parish.

A month later, the men remain in Orleans Parish Prison awaiting court dates and the possibility they will spend the better part of the next decade in state prison.

“I don’t know what the policing justification is for such an action,” said Pamela Metzger, associate professor of law at Tulane University Law School. “But on a fundamental human level, it smacks of a meanness, a pettiness, a spitefulness that has no place in a city as broken as this one. It’s a way of manufacturing offenses that may not have otherwise existed.”

Resource allocation

At a time when the number of homicides in New Orleans continues to rise to record numbers, many question whether a sting operation designed to entice homeless people to commit felonies is the best use of public resources.

Not only does it take police officers off the street, but it clogs the courts and forces public defenders and the district attorney to use their limited resources and manpower to litigate “trivial offenses” instead of focusing efforts on more serious cases like homicide, said Bill Quigley, a law professor at Loyola University New Orleans.

“People are still dying left and right and yet we’re playing games with baked beans and Kool cigarettes,” Quigley said. “The police officers who did this should be personally embarrassed and their superiors and the elected officials who knew about this should go to confession.”

The NOPD did not respond to requests for comment, but Superintendent Warren Riley has previously defended the practice of arresting people for minor crimes as a useful way of catching habitual offenders.

At a legislative committee hearing in October, Riley said officers will arrest someone for a minor offense such as trespassing if that person has a history of burglary arrests.

But during the car sting, officers not only arrested six people with no prior arrests, they also charged them with felonies.

The “car burglary sting,” as one police report called the operation, took place June 10 and 11 in three locations and netted at least eight arrests. Of those eight arrests, six of the suspects had no prior offenses in Orleans Parish, one suspect was convicted of automated teller machine fraud in 1999 and a second had two drug possession convictions.

Police charged all eight suspects, two of whom were listed as homeless, with felonious simple burglary instead of a lesser misdemeanor that would have carried a small fine and, at most, a few months in prison.

Sting or entrapment?

It is not uncommon for police to conduct a “catch and release” operation in search of people with outstanding warrants for violent offenses such as murder, rape or armed robbery, Metzger said.

“That makes sense. But what doesn’t make sense is holding these folks on felony charges if there’s not some other serious charge out there.”

Judson Mitchell, pro bono coordinator for the Loyola Law Clinic and Center for Social Justice, called into question the legality of such a sting, claiming it could be classified as entrapment.

It also could violate the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment by targeting a specific group of people, said Marjorie Esman, executive director of the ACLU Foundation of Louisiana.

It’s no coincidence the NOPD specifically chose as bait Kool cigarettes, a product known to be favored by African-Americans, and beer to attract the homeless, many of whom are alcoholics, she said.

No one could offer an explanation why the NOPD chose to use Boston Baked Beans as part of the sting.

“They’re going after a certain class of people to encourage them to commit petty crimes in order to get those people out of the general population,” Esman said. “What they’re doing, essentially, is prosecuting people for being hungry, poor and homeless. But you can’t arrest someone for being hungry, poor and homeless. So they said, ‘We’ll make them break the law.’ You create temptation and then punish them for being tempted. Not only is it bad police work of questionable legality, but it’s also really bad policy because it’s a huge waste of taxpayer resources.”

The district attorney has 60 days to accept or refuse the charges against a suspect. It costs $23.39 per day to house an inmate in Orleans Parish Prison. If it takes the district attorney 60 days to decide the fate of the eight people arrested in the sting, the cost to the taxpayer for incarcerating them in parish prison would be $11,227.20.

Should anyone be convicted, the cost of housing an inmate in state prison for one year is $14,815.

“This doesn’t help society because it creates a revolving door of people who are on and off the street without doing anything to help rehabilitate them or give them the skills they need to get off the street,” Esman said.

Mike Miller is director of supportive housing placement for Unity of Greater New Orleans, a homeless advocacy group. He called the actions of the NOPD “extremely disappointing.”

“They’re allocating these resources to prosecute the homeless as opposed to protecting them,” Miller said. “We’ve been trying to get police protection at Canal and Claiborne for six months as a deterrent for the people who have been preying on the homeless and we’ve had very little cooperation.”

Effectiveness in question

So the question remains: Why would the NOPD conduct such a sting and charge six people with no prior arrests with felonies for stealing planted cigarettes, beer and candy?

Stings are generally conducted to deter criminals in high-crime areas, but there was only one burglary, two auto thefts and no incidents of simple theft in the vicinity of the homeless encampment between May 24 and June 23, according to NOPD crime statistics.

During that same period the French Quarter and Central Business District had 45 simple thefts, 25 auto thefts and three burglaries. Yet there are no records to indicate the NOPD set up a bait car in those neighborhoods.

Whatever the reason behind the sting, the only thing it will accomplish is wasting public resources at a time when they cannot be spared, Quigley said.

“The police can charge them with felonies if they want, but there’s not a judge or jury in the city that will count that as a felony. So all it will do is use up the resources of the DA, the public defender, the judges and everybody else.

“It’s like mosquito control with nuclear weapons. The sad thing is that the cops are sitting at this corner hidden when what they ought to do is stand on the corner in plain sight and protect everybody instead of attacking the people with the least resources and the most mental and physical problems. This is Jay Leno material and another embarrassment to the city.”•”

This pisses me off to the fucking Nth degree. I see the cars with blacked-out windows and guys with AK-47s rolling down our street everyday, and the pigs (yes, I’m going back to the ’60s lingo) are fucking with shit that they set the stage for.This cannot stand.

I now have no confidence or trust in our police department. Whether this shit comes from that fat Warren Riley or some insane Ward commander, I don’t care. The entire NOPD must be purged. “To serve and protect” means nothing to these uniformed thugs.

We have the highest murder rate in the country and these pigs are going after the most helpless of folks instead of standing up and doing their real J.O.B.. These fuckmooks are the laziest and most cowardly shits I have ever seen. (And I did MP duty when in the Military… I know the job) The only law enforcement I can trust now is the National Guard here.

Disband ALL of the NOPD and use the Guard until our city can build a true police force.

(Sidepiece- Betts was pulled over for a non-event last year and I was the one being fucked with because the Black cop had a “problem” with me being me and my ID having a different kind of name from my real persona. I had to stand behind our car, in the glare of a spotlight, and answer questions barked over a loudspeaker. It was fucking humiliating, and you Gentle Readers know that I do not forget this kind of stuff.)

And this ultimately falls on our bald-headed Mayor, No-See-Um Ray Nagin. His job is to work for the people of the city, and he has let the thugs, both NOPD and the Crack-heads, run bat-shit insane wild.

I now go to prep myself for the coming incarceration by the bullshit, dickless, chickenshit NOPD. (and stock up my hidden room)

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