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June 19, 2008

Chief Riley Is Liar

Filed under: Crime,Nagin's Minions,NOLA Politics,Politicians — Morwen Madrigal @ 11:15 pm

So our Negro (and I can state this as a Colored girl) states that nothing bad went down when the 5th District Police Office was unsecured?

So Warren Riley claims nothing was comprimised. Did the fat fuck actually show up there? No he didn’t, being the Negro that can’t lift his ass out of his chair. Sorry babies, I despise porkers.

Warren Riley is a disgusting piece of shit, and I’m calling the fat fuck out.

Come on mister fat fuck, answer my questions. You are a liar, and you ain”t worth the dirt that would cover your fat ass.

Come on sweetie… answer me. This little colored girl wants to take you freakin’ down, and baby, it ain’t going to be hard. You are a freakin’ shithead, and you must go…

You are part of Nagin’s B/S, and we will take your ass down.

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