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August 23, 2010

Rising Tide 5

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More info here.

June 24, 2010

A Message To Judge Feldman Concerning the Drilling Moratorium

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Your decision to block the Department of the Interiors’s moratorium on deep sea drilling is based in fallacy. An accident has occurred on a relatively new technology that has no answers for errors when it comes to their mistakes. There are no real back-up plans. Where are the Real Life solutions to disasters such as the Macondo disaster?They didn’t plan, or maybe they just didn’t care, yet our World, our lives and dreams are in danger.

There aren’t any solutions at this point in time. There are no solutions forthcoming from the industry that has caused this calamity. I find this deeply troubling. It smells  of “Who cares about those people”.

It stinks to the Heavens.

There are no plans for something like this, but your lifting of the deep drilling moratorium opens us to more of what Macondo has gifted us: children cannot wade in the Gulf waters, people cannot fish, many animals will die from either the oil or the chemicals that are supposed to quell the problem. The air stinks of petro chemicals even 100 miles away.

And as far as those who claim that the moratorium will, “put thousands out of work”, and “There are millions of dollars that will not be coming in” are somewhat false.

There are over 3,300+ rigs running in the Gulf near Louisiana. They need to be served, personnel transferred and materials be delivered. This moratorium will not kill the drilling industry, only put on hold on one aspect of it that is proving itself not safe at this point in time.

Don’t let these companies and the chimps they fund as elected officials lead you down the wrong path. These corporations that will attempt to go into risky ventures in order to make more money will do anything, anything, for the dollar, even if it means wiping out the livelihoods and meaning of cultures for their own gain.

What the Hell, they aren’t part of that which is being destroyed.

So I’m going to speak plainly to you Sir:

Your Honor, please don’t believe their lies when it comes to the economic impact of the moratorium on the Gulf states. It will be minimal. They don’t care what happens to us. Look at what they have done to the wetlands of Louisiana over many decades in their unbridled search for money disguised as oil/gas exploration: destruction of wetlands that protected major population centers and the poisoning of our environment. They are “helping” America at the expennse of the Americans who live in the effected areas.

Now they seek to “own ” the Gulf as their private money pit and the people of this region, well… who cares about them? It’s about energy self-reliance (B/S), or it’s about Progress,  it’s all about profit and control. They destroy the Gulf for those who live here and then there is only one option left: turn it into a petrochemical mine.

This is not the notion of a Nation I fought to protect. This not the America I believe in.

Sorry Your Honor, I can’t abide by that decision. This is OUR Coast. These are OUR waters. This region is a treasure for the Nation, and I’m not talking Black Gold or Gas. This is OUR home.

The real treasure for the Nation is our cultures, the natural world, beauty and a sense of harmony with Nature.

We live with the cycles of Nature: spawning seasons, tides. The stock market means little to us as we bait our crab nets, tong the silt for oysters or chase the shrimp runs. When we sit down to eat we are ready for the bounty that Nature, in Her bounty, delivers to us, and we are grateful. We live the old way. There is no other way for us to live and be real.

Our lives, no matter what we are doing in the present are based on the patterns our ancestors followed, and in a major way we must follow them. It is intrinsic to our beings. It is what we on the Coast are… creatures who in many ways must live within our sphere, our nature. It’s Nature’s way. To go elsewhere is a violation of our being.

This is our our World, and the current BP oil spill, no matter the reasons or the blame, are putting us and our World in danger.

Right now under the current situation, we have become an endangered species. My extended family’s boats are idle, as are my friend’s jobs in the restaurants of New Orleans. People are canceling their trips to the Coast… a place we love to show off as a wonderful place to be. Our economy is threatened by this unbridled wildcat drilling with no protections for mistakes. This is wrong.

What if the spill happened off the coast of the Everglades? How would you explain to the people and the creatures that it was okay? What would you say if another wetland area was sentenced to die all for the oil/gas industry and it’s earnings for shareholders that didn’t work for the money?

We are talking about people who just live their lives.

So Your Honor, I ask that you reconsider allowing the deep drilling moratorium to stand so that we, as a country, our engineers and planners, can get a handle on what is needed just in case another Deepwater Horizion event does occur.

It is only fair for those who have no part in these “explorations/exploitations” of our lands and seas by corporations that are only looking for treasure. We LIVE in these places, and our lives have meaning. Our lives, connections, history… the feeling of belonging to a place. These things must matter. Otherwise, the United States is a sham. It will be seen as a shell for money to do what it will and American citizens will have to grin and bear what comes their way. And just maybe will be seen as, “Since you bought us in 1804, we are your chattel”. Ever think about that one?

This is not the Country that I gave many years of my life to defend. Not the Nation that I swore to protect. It is definitely NOT what I was taught, and steeped in, to protect.

The true treasure to be found here is in living in the cycle of Life here and the coming of the tides.

And I will stand for the Gulf Coast and you have much to answer for concerning your decision about the drilling moratorium. Who is the real American Sir? That which places themselves amongst the people, or that which is tangled up with business?

It is your turn to answer.

June 22, 2010

Rising Tide Convention V

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Since we are coming up on the 5th anniversary of the Bitch Named Katrina(sponsored by Nature)  and the Federal Flood (engineered by the Corpse of Engineers),  it’s time for the Rising Tide to do it’s thing. This year it will be at The Howlin’ Wolf.

Hie thee to the Rising Tide for more information.

June 10, 2010

BP Can Fuck Off and Die

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I understand the importance of BP to the UK. Much of their pension payments come from what used to be the Anglo-Iranian oil company. Our Nation overthrew a government to insure that the Brits could hold onto their treasure, hence BP.

My ancestry is not British. I am a Celt on one side and the frakking Frisians, Anglo-Saxons and the Normans wiped out most of my tribes. This is why I don’t care if the UK takes a major hit when us Americans (we kicked your asses twice) take over your money machine BP.

I don’t care at all.

The little multinational named BRITISH Petroleum has played fast and loose with the rules when it came to oil drilling.

Our home, our way of Life, our dreams and the gift we wished to give to our children is being destroyed. We are being sterilized for the common good. Our World is being destroyed for money gains.

America is also to blame. “Who cares about those swamp dwellers?”. “Can’t they learn to live in a suburb like we do?”. “Why don’t they eat Veelveta and Spam like us?”. “Why do they hold processions at the drop of a hat?”.

The answer is that we are not Americans. We were bought by the U.S., and for the two centuries since then we have been mis-used.

Take our Port’s usage, drill our Coast to fuel your SUVs and your wasteful lifestyle and carve up our wetlands, our storm protections, in order to take Timmy to ballet practice and Susan to her soccer games.

America has abused the folks on the Coast to engage in their suburban “fantasies”. WE bear the brunt of those excesses. Our World is being destroyed for Amerika.

I don’t give a fuck if you are upset by my words. You should really see what is going in my soul right now. I have hatred for the grossly obese mooks driving their SUVs every where since no car can hold them. I hate shareholders that demand that every cent that can be milked come into their coffers.

I hate those who demand and aren’t willing to do for themselves.

And I despise those who believe we must be sacrificed in order to keep their lifestyles intact.

Our Carbon footprint is in the top 1% of those seeking to live a Greener life. Where do you stand?

Are you the solution or the cause of the problem?

These are things to ponder, because what happens to us Coasties is another dog & pony show that will visit YOU.

Then you will be pissed, and no one will be able to come to your aid.

An old axiom: “As ye sow, so shall thee reap”. Amerika, it’s time.

May 20, 2010

BP is killing my World

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I have been using Facebook for the last many months.  This BP (yes you bastards I named you) oil spill  is the Fourth Battle for New Orleans.

We here in the swamps are being destroyed by your habits. We have been bled dry for “what you want”. Our wetlands, our protection from storms, were destroyed for your enjoyment.

Now our shores are starting to become coated with oil. Our World is Is being trashed for oil hungry mooks.

When will the day come when folks  understand that we are not sacrificial lambs for your B/S lifestyles?

May 8, 2010

Why I Can Never Be a Denizen of That Place Called Wingnuttia

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I was just rereading  a post I did almost a month ago that went viral on the Right-wing Blogs. I was called a hateful person by these worthless pieces of flesh.

The only hateful things in the piece were about how I, and a blind man, were treated by grossly obese Repugs when it came to trying to walk pass them. In fact, I was very mellow considering past posts. (and I was angry about  boys spraying an area with bullets. but I think that was okay)

No, the problem lies with the mindset of those who live in Wingnuttia: They don’t give a shit about anything but themselves. The “other” upsets them… so what fuckmooks, I don’t like your kind either. I find you to be self-absorbed, unmindful of the facts and very much un-evolved. The World is growing, evolving and all you wish to do is stop this beneficial growth.

Sorry Bubbas, your world is coming to it’s logical end. The rest of us do not need (as if we really needed your cave-man/crayon mentality) anymore. You are dinosaurs (hey! Your religious mook leaders say that you rode dinos in the Past… yep, you belong in the series the Flintstones.) Sorry babies… real life is not the Flintstones.

Real life is the norm and it requires real people to live in it. Real people that can understand the travails and the pain associated with change. (and Darlin’s, there is a massive amount of change going down) Your kind, the self-registered Conservatives who desire that Life “stands still” can’t deal with that. Ain’t gonna happen children… Life goes on. Life is a dynamic that cannot be stopped.

You wingnuts want to push down women (maybe because you are not up to the task of ensuring survival), you attack those who have found a way to have  happiness that violates your Patriarchal views. You fight to hurt that which does not fit your Worldview, and yet does not harm you. You deny the right of the “Other” to exist.

You are the pestilence that must be removed from the Human equation.  I see Shiva Nataraga dancing on the edge of the Abyss with one foot upon the neck of Ignorance.  Shiva that seeks to remove hatred so that the World can change for the better. My goal in Life is to emulate that vision and create a better World.

I fight to insure that ignorance is pushed into the Abyss.

‘Tis a lofty goal, and maybe unattainable, but at least I am facing forward and wishing for a better scenario. You Wingnut fucks just wish to hide in the Past and refuse to move forward.

So take my words and twist them to make me the “enemy”. I revel in that. And at the end of all Time I will be feted and you will find the pit of Hell where you belong.

Have a good day Wingnuts, there aren’t many left for your kind.

May 1, 2010

Good Bye Mayor Na’Goon.

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C. Ray Nagin’s “Good Riddance” Celebration!!!.

Where- Starlight By The Park 834 N Rampart St. at Dumaine.   561-8939

What- Pot Luck dinner and cheer

Time- May 3rd at 4 PM

Let’s celebrate the leaving of the buffoon ex-Mayor Na’Goon from City Hall and welcome Mitch Landrieu as our new Mayor. (Things just got to get better here now)

April 12, 2010

More of the Hate

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More about the vigilantes who ran roughshod over folk after the Federal Flood in Algiers.

I have no words for what I’m feeling right now. No way to quiet the screaming of my soul over shit like this.

April 11, 2010

Don’t stop me now…

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Ahhh… the fuckmooks of the Southern Republican Leadership Conference are leaving New Orleans (or in the brothels or dragging their sorry asses along Bourbon Street trying to get laid) tonight. Good deal, the air will be much cleaner once they are gone.

Yes they held their conference here in the very city that they wanted to let die after the Federal Flood in ’05.  It’s just their way of fucking (in a different sense) us over again. I got shoved to the side by two rotund Repugs insisting that the sidewalk belonged only to them in the Quarter (and me walking with a cane).  A blind man fared worse.  They stared harshly at the very folk that are trying to rebuild our city with very little help. People who are just hoping to get lives back to a sane level.

These assholes are the ones who will drop $10K for a dinner with Piyush Jindal, the worm of a Guv’nor for the Gret Stet of Looziana, but never think of what $10K might mean to to a food bank here.

I may just be a crazy witch, but I follow the teachings of a man called Jesus much more then they can ever do.  I give a shit about the World more than I do my “portfolio”.  I’M HUMAN.

And then I see on the local news that some punk-ass fucks went on a shooting spree after a beef from Mardi Gras in the Quarter. Is there any impulse control of this subset of the population? Innocent people were shot (but it’s okay since the wounds are not lethal).  I was there yesterday hobbling along with my cane. Should I, or anyone else, be a victim of their childish, less than Human, squabbles?

The problem is that if we, the citizens of New Orleans, supported a campaign to eradicate this plague, the Black Ministerial Alliance would go bat-shit insane.  They will come at us and accuse us of waging war against their “people”. (Sorry folks… we don’t carry guns to use in order to settle a “beef”). If you want to prove male superiority, do it in a backyard with your fists if you must. Leave the rest of us out of your bull shit.

And then fucking Mike Huckabee raises his hoary head about the fitness of LGBT folks concerning raising children. This absolute fucktard has defamed us for far too long. I would be a great parent for a kid because I live by Human principles, not the insanity of their religion or politics. I have compassion, a trait I see sadly lacking in their lives. I look to the Future whilst the bulk of them look back to “Leave It To Beaver”.  I “see” what can be. They cannot.

I guess that’s the difference of evolution of a soul. Try it some time assholes.

March 19, 2010

“Hate the music. Hate the food. Hate the city. What the fuck are you doin’ down here?”

Maitri has a Blog up concerning the new HBO series “Treme”. I am definitely going to watch it. You should too because it tells much of the truth about what happen to New Orleans post-Flood.

John Goodman is a great representation of our Late Great Ashley Morris, a Blogger for the city back then. I think he will pull this one off.

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