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June 10, 2010

BP Can Fuck Off and Die

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I understand the importance of BP to the UK. Much of their pension payments come from what used to be the Anglo-Iranian oil company. Our Nation overthrew a government to insure that the Brits could hold onto their treasure, hence BP.

My ancestry is not British. I am a Celt on one side and the frakking Frisians, Anglo-Saxons and the Normans wiped out most of my tribes. This is why I don’t care if the UK takes a major hit when us Americans (we kicked your asses twice) take over your money machine BP.

I don’t care at all.

The little multinational named BRITISH Petroleum has played fast and loose with the rules when it came to oil drilling.

Our home, our way of Life, our dreams and the gift we wished to give to our children is being destroyed. We are being sterilized for the common good. Our World is being destroyed for money gains.

America is also to blame. “Who cares about those swamp dwellers?”. “Can’t they learn to live in a suburb like we do?”. “Why don’t they eat Veelveta and Spam like us?”. “Why do they hold processions at the drop of a hat?”.

The answer is that we are not Americans. We were bought by the U.S., and for the two centuries since then we have been mis-used.

Take our Port’s usage, drill our Coast to fuel your SUVs and your wasteful lifestyle and carve up our wetlands, our storm protections, in order to take Timmy to ballet practice and Susan to her soccer games.

America has abused the folks on the Coast to engage in their suburban “fantasies”. WE bear the brunt of those excesses. Our World is being destroyed for Amerika.

I don’t give a fuck if you are upset by my words. You should really see what is going in my soul right now. I have hatred for the grossly obese mooks driving their SUVs every where since no car can hold them. I hate shareholders that demand that every cent that can be milked come into their coffers.

I hate those who demand and aren’t willing to do for themselves.

And I despise those who believe we must be sacrificed in order to keep their lifestyles intact.

Our Carbon footprint is in the top 1% of those seeking to live a Greener life. Where do you stand?

Are you the solution or the cause of the problem?

These are things to ponder, because what happens to us Coasties is another dog & pony show that will visit YOU.

Then you will be pissed, and no one will be able to come to your aid.

An old axiom: “As ye sow, so shall thee reap”. Amerika, it’s time.

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