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November 19, 2006

Comic Relief 2006… WooHoo!!!

Tonight we watched Comic Relief 2006, a benefit for New Orleans. It was wonderful, and the local insights offered through the broadcast were definitely on target. They also pulled in $15M in donations. This is a good thing.
This, combined with the results of the last election, shows that folks do care about America’s Jewel. Americans do care about America, and honeys… we are more American than most. We have the history and the sacrifices for a nation’s growth through the many decades that the U.S. has been around. Culturally, only the Fundies and Disney-types DON’T like New Orleans.

So, give a hand to Comic Relief, HBO, and TBS (not that I watched their broadcast… you can’t say “fuck” on TBS) for their efforts on behalf of the people of New Orleans.

And… it’s time for all of the NOLA Blogosphere to start the poop-storm again about the situation down here along the Coast. It’s time to play the heart-a-chordian again.

September 21, 2006

This is Republican governence: from YRHT

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The Mighty Bivalve has a good bit on oil royalties over at YRHT.

September 3, 2006

How the “Ownership Society” is Screwing the Gulf

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A new study reveals the “ownership society’’ of conservative dreams for the fraud it is; do-it-yourself financing doesn’t work when the upper class owns 80% of the nation’s stock.

So opens Marie Cocco’s  “The Myth of the Investor Middle Class”.

The partially released study she cites: EPI’s “The State of Working America” shows where 80% of all stocks are owned by only 10% of our population. This fits in nicely with my assertions that shareholders ARE the evil root behind corporations and their rapaciousness when it comes to doing, or not doing, business.

It can also explain, by extrapolation, why so much of the aid for the shattered Gulf Coast and New Orleans has vanished into the hungry maws of the stock-driven machines in lieu of actually being dispersed to those for whom the monies were appropriated by Congress.

This is why I preach “Fuck the shareholders” and to end the privatization of necessary Goverment services. These two things are what must be accomplished in order to set the Social Contract aright, to bring our Country back to that which it was before the onslaught of Reagan’s policies. (Yeah, the people got “trickled down” upon.) We need our Country back.

August 29, 2006

Year One, Post-Deluge…

Okay, I wasn’t going to post today out of respect for our losses along the Coast during the last year since Katrina and the Deluge, but my heart wasn’t comfortable with that. One year after the fuck-job from Nature and Man’s follies, WE ARE STILL NOT OK!

This post is not to lessen my concern and hurt for the rest of the Coast: I lived in Biloxi, Pascagoula and Mobile. The memories are vivid and welcoming. At least those places are being helped by the Feds, and the repair monies are coming in. Their’s was a monumental Natural Disaster.

Not so for SE Louisiana. We have been screwed for many decades by the needs of the U.S. and Her corporations. Our barriers from the damage wreaked by hurricanes was willfully destroyed by monied interests and the ACoE. We were deemed expendable: our lives, our homes, family, Culture…. we didn’t count in their cost analysys of their bottom line. We were to be used for the Industrial North and it’s people.

Northeners can come down, get drunk, fuck their brains out, trash us by throwing up on our streets, “do” a girl over a counter, and then go home to resume a “respectable” existance.(And heat their homes.) We are Amerika’s Tijuana. I know this… heard it for decades, I’ve lived it.

I live everyday, like many other women here, as something to be used. Screw those assholes! I am a Southern woman, and this is my home. Wanna fuck with me? Baby, I’ll cut your freakin’ balls off. Same goes for the energy corporations. Polyticians and users? Satan and I have come to a very special arrangement for all of you.
We are a sovereign nation: we are the Isle d’Orleans. Napoleon may have sold us, and Jefferson accepted said sale, but WE ARE OUR OWN! We, and this upon the word of my Elders, never aquiesed to this crap. My ancestors just kept keeping on. Who gives a shit about money-grubbing and power? We just freakin’ live our lives. That’s New Orleans.
Our lives down here were about living, having our celebrations important to our Culture. We just freakin’ go on with life as a community. Our world is our own: we are the Old World within the New. Can you understand this kind of existance? This is the way it used to be, and shall be.
We here will not accept an usurpbation of our sensibilities and beliefs: we ARE the Creoles and what-not of New Orleans. We stand for what Jefferson preached…. a free people. And the country owes us, owes us big time. We have been screwed big-time for your hubris. (Wait until you get your Winter gas bills.)

This message is to not slight the multitude of efforts amassed by so many to help our needy, but rather an expose upon the power brokers and their eternal hunt for more money. FUCK YOUR SHAREHOLDERS: they took the gamble upon buying stocks, and now it’s time to pay the piper. (Pull the handle on the slot machine asshole, and then look at what shows up… screw you!)

Many people in this country are concerned with us, but there is the 3% that wishes total control, and I shall not allow that to happen. Wanna shoot me assholes? You’d better be good, because I’m better. New Orleans is where I stand. This city and culture is all to me, and you have no way of knowing that which I have set up for Her. St. Joan looks after her daughter.

This is just a statement of fact and a dare: come after me Feds, and be prepared to have the fight of your life. I WILL stand for New Orleans, Black and White, poor and rich… do you have the cujuanies? I have the ovaries to fucking take you on, and I will not lose.

Now you know where I stand. Fuck yourselves and die.

Morwen Madrigal

We Are Not OK…

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August 28, 2006

The Night Before the Deluge…

Exactly one year ago Betts and I were getting some much needed sleep after our escape from the path of Katrina. We were ragged… our nerves frayed over what could happen to our city if Katrina didn’t pull a last minute turn as a Cat 5 hurricane. Opal the Siamese was curled up with us as if she sensed something bad coming.

About 3 a.m. I would wake up and head back to the motel’s ‘puter room to monitor things from there whilst Betts watched the broadcast news. I could see a lessening of the storm’s strength and a slight turning to the NorthEast. By 7 a.m. the situation looked good, and elated I returned to the room. We breathed sighs of relief and crawled back into bed to rest  up for a return home a day or two later. New Orleans had dodged Katrina’s power.

Around 11 a.m. I awoke from a strange dream. Wandering through the motel I decided to get back online and check things out. There was news of widespread destruction across the area. I kept at it for a while longer, and then started hearing of flooding in various places. It  would be a few hours before I learned what was causing the flooding, and when the London Canal’s levees broke, I knew that our home and neighborhood was in trouble, but there was no way to tell just how much trouble was at hand.

That would come on the next day.

August 27, 2006

Poppy Z. Brite ways in…

Here’s Poppy’s Op-Ed piece for the Boston Globe.

August 24, 2006


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TD Five

Just what we all need, a re-run. “I want these MF’n storms out of the MF’n Gulf!”

The San Antonio Current Gets It Right.

Jason Berry writing for the San Antonia Current.

Great freakin’ piece!

August 17, 2006

Corporate Greed and Bush’s FEMA Continue to Dance…

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I went wandering over to CorpWatch to see what they have been working on lately, and was surprised (NOT!) to see their latest report on corporate greed and FEMA. After reading it, all I could see in my mind was an Axis of Evildoers dancing a jig. Giant corporations, the corrupt Administration and the duplicity of bungling FEMA were hand-in-hand moving in a circle around a large cauldron of water into which Louisiana slowly sank. This is VooDoo Economics.
Many of us know what’s going on with the monies for Katrina emergency contracts, bypassing local companies whenever possible by shoveling the funds to big corporate types knowing that most or those funds would vanish in the corporate maw. Very little would “trickle down” to the State or local level. Everything about New Orleans’ rescue would suddenly bog down as these companies aren’t that good at delivering on the contracts that are awarded by the Feds. Local companies are the way to go: they are part of the areas affected by a major disaster, they have family and friends there. They have a reason in doing the work they are hired for.

Here’s the link for the report: “Big, Easy Money”.

The author put it this way, “The devastation that Hurricane Katrina brought to the Gulf Coast is tragic enough, but the scope of the corporate greed that followed, facilitated by government incompetence and complicity, is downright criminal,” .

We definitely aren’t a part of the U.S. anymore, at least to the PTB.

Sinn Fein!

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