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March 16, 2007

More on MWI’s Past Dealings

I love Facing South, from the Institute For Southern Studies. Here’s their piece on Moving Waters Industries (MWI) and some deeper info concerning their past pump deals.

March 14, 2007

Corps Install Faulty Drain Pumps in 2006

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This story has been all over the Blogosphere today. I picked it up late last night, but was too tired to address the report.

Tonight, Matt at “Fix the Pumps” hands us a link to the Memo of the testing of these pumps by MWI, the pumps’ manufacturers (Bush-community friends, BTW.).

I spent almost ten years as a Nuclear Engineer with the Navy. I know how to read reports on equipment specs and testing. These memos show a horror story of the desire for money over providing a product that many people must depend on for their safety and the safety of their property. I am completely appalled at the lack of oversight and integrity in the construction of these pumps that were to protect us from flooding in New Orleans. I am also furious that the Corpse installed pumps that they knew were faulty, and then telling the city and the State that things would be okay pre-’06 Hurricane season!

It’s past time to hire the Dutch.

December 22, 2006

Happy Freakin’ Wet Christmas

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Gnnnng! I woke up today and discovered that Lake Marais had reappeared on our block. Our car was still docked at the sidewalk, but she looked as if she could capsize if the little rain drops kept falling from the gray sky. Only hip-waders could help me leave the little shotgun house (and me without the waders).

I know that our Gentilly house doesn’t have this problem, it’s above sea-level in the “neighborhood no one knows”. I expect that my FEMA trailer has taken water from the shattered window frame, but there’s almost nothing left inside. Hopefully the many inches of rain will further cleanse the ground from and the Federal Flood’s contaminants.

So I guess that this girl is going to spend the rest of today and the night holed up here. Might as well load more programs to the ‘puter and clean some of my cat-trashed house. Need to get that done before Christmas dinner as there’s a plethora of cat toys, shed fur, scraps of ripped up paper and Goddess knows what else I’ll find (like my earrings, socks and shoes, bottle tops… the list goes on).

[Oh shit! I still have to do the Quarter for Betty's prezzies and get laundry done! *sobs*]

Should be okay rainwise on Saturday, but there is another rain-band coming for Sunday and Monday so this is a normal Xmas in the city unlike the wonderful Xmas of ’05 when the snow fell as we sat in the hot tub at our newly bought Gentilly place (we actually moved in on Xmas Eve, and me with dinner for seven the next day… Ai Yi Yi!) Little did we know what would happen on 8/29. That’s water through the levees now.
Dinner on Sunday will be at the le Cote Brasserie just like on the snowy night two years ago. We hope that the menu hasn’t changed much since then: a huge platter of chilled products of the sea, wonderful salads, and maybe something decadent for dessert. (there WILL NOT be a kitty bag when we rise from table, I garauntee!)

Christmas Dinner will be a cola/molasses- candied ham, homemade candied yams, garlic mashed potatoes/gravy, peas and salad, and if I get my act together, a deep-dish pecan pie or Baked Chocolate Pudding. There goes my waistline!(have to start riding my bike again)

So from the cottage on Lake Marais I would like to wish all of you a wonderful Holiday Season, especially the NOLA Bloggers and my friends here in SE LA, and my friends all over the country (yes girlz, this means you *huggs*) May the Lady gift us with another year, and a better one than the last two. May you all continue to have Spirit and love.
Brightest Blessings!

[Would you like another drink? Or more ham and yams? Knock yourself out on the pudding! This'll keep me from eating it all. Wanna take a cat home with you? Puleeeeze... I'll put a bow on it.]

Update- Betts wants  a chocolate pecan pie for the Holiday.

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