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March 14, 2007

Corps Install Faulty Drain Pumps in 2006

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This story has been all over the Blogosphere today. I picked it up late last night, but was too tired to address the report.

Tonight, Matt at “Fix the Pumps” hands us a link to the Memo of the testing of these pumps by MWI, the pumps’ manufacturers (Bush-community friends, BTW.).

I spent almost ten years as a Nuclear Engineer with the Navy. I know how to read reports on equipment specs and testing. These memos show a horror story of the desire for money over providing a product that many people must depend on for their safety and the safety of their property. I am completely appalled at the lack of oversight and integrity in the construction of these pumps that were to protect us from flooding in New Orleans. I am also furious that the Corpse installed pumps that they knew were faulty, and then telling the city and the State that things would be okay pre-’06 Hurricane season!

It’s past time to hire the Dutch.

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