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April 24, 2008


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These last 24 hours have not been fun. Betts had to bring me home tonight because I couldn’t be around people. I was freakin’ out.
Please understand dear readers, my folks did Little Theatre. I was involved, but I was always cast as a girl. (I was a great soprano) I hated the boy’s jibes about me wearing pink satin, but what the Hell. I liked performing. I love the stage, but the next day at school could be tough.

One night, I had to pee after the play. I found a boy’s potty (remember, I was supposedly a boy.)  I did my thing , and as I was washing my hands, someone grabbed me by the neck. My head was pushed into a urinal and he “did” me. I tried to scream, but his hands were around my throat. I passed out from that.
I’m not ready to make nice over this shit. I’m mad as Hell. How the fuck can someone do this to a child?

You child rapist’s, know that Morwen will be on your fucking asses. You will never see a trial. Your last sight will be my 9MM. I’m in pain, but I will fight for the kids. What was done to me shall not be repeated. I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU.

I’m finally seeing this shit. My neck pains fianally make sense.Tried to kill me you fuckmook? Fuck you… I survived.

No Jury in the world will convict me. Know that now. I will protect the kids.You hurt the kids, fuck you. I will be there to correct the fucking eqaution.  This is where I stand.I know evil, but I survived it.

This is where I fucking stand. No harm comes on my watch.

I’m the GentillyGirl, and this is my freakin’ watch.

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