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June 15, 2008

Where Are Our Kid’s Parks?

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Right down the street from us is Perry Rhoem Park. Kids played baseball and football there. Some days you would have trouble getting down Abundance street since there are games going on and every one is parked near there. Folks drag grills to the field in order to make burgers and dogs, and they don’t have kids playing there. It’s a little gem of a place. Nothing but good vibes.

Now I don’t have children. Raised my sibs, and that was enough for this girl. But now, I look at this park, seeing the smiles and frowns of the kids competing in the Past, and I am saddened. FEMA used this place for a trailer park post Federal Flood, and even though the trailers have been gone for many weeks, there is still gravel covering the grounds, power poles and a freakin’ septic system. Where do these kids get to play?

I can’t be an advocate for every park in the city, but Perry Rhoem is now my project. FEMA must restore the park, and I’m looking for good souls to help make it better than before. I want it to be expanded: the kids have a baseball diamond and a football field, but I want basketball courts and more picnic tables so that folks can watch their kids compete. I also want the perimeter treed. I want these kids to have the best, and I will not settle for less than the best for them.

I have seen the private parcels that housed FEMA trailers restored. What about our freakin’ children’s parks? Ya’s know me: I cover many things in the city. Many FEMA trailer lots have been redone, but they are not our children’s parks. They are privately owned properties. I happen to see this as total Bullshit.

Sounds strange coming from the Trans witch, but ya’s know the look on these kids’ faces when they field a grounder or catch that pop fly or hit a home run. The voices of the folks cheering on their little players just playing the sports. I miss that, and I am determined to make things right and better for these kids.

I will fight to get things fixed, but if any of you have an “in” with the Saints or the Hornets, please clue me in. My desire is to get these kids their playground back. And if you find me dragging a grill to the ballpark, just know I’m going to be feeding folks amongst the cheering.

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  1. The part of Gentilly that is in the 7th Ward is the best part of the city!
    Had to mess with you!

    HA HA
    PS I like witches and bitches!

    Comment by Keith M. Angelety — June 20, 2008 @ 11:16 pm

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