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July 23, 2006

What the Hell Are They Hiding?

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That fat shit from Illinois, Dennis Hastert, is trying to steer the House to challenge Judge Hogan’s ruling allowing a review on Dollar Bill’s confistigated documents. (Also remember that Hastert thought New Orleans wasn’t worth saving.) I think Jefferson has to go. He is probably guilty, but his famlial connections and their scandels/misteps, are showing up everywhere.
I personally believe that the FBI had every right to seize Jefferson’s information. They had evidence against him already. The House should stay out of this, unless…

On Sunday, Hastert said FBI agents should be able to search for documents on any criminal aspect, but that they do not have a right to “take all your records,” such as confidential tax forms.

Hastert is a freakin’ idiot! Whilst calling for protections from search and seizure, he actually names the very reason that many Members in Congress fear being “looked” at. As the commercial goes, “What’s in your wallet”.

That’s what we citizens of this country need to know about “our” representatives in D.C.

‘Nuff said.


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