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August 1, 2006

We are New Orleans

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I’m sick and tired of BNOB and the UNOP shit.

Our people know what to fuckin’ do about hurricanes. It ain’t freakin’ rocket science. This is all about companies sucking from the Federal teat.

All levels of gov’mit are complicit in this. We DON’T NEED this crap! We, New Orleanians know what to fucking do… it’s in our blood.

We are not a sesspool like Iraq, we are America, and god damn anyone that thinks different. We are owed for services provided for the Nation. And we don’t want your fucking Halliburton-type arrangements. Screw your business fuckin’ contracts, we are just folks. We will rebuild, and it ain’t going to be under your oversight. We are New Orleans.

I can’t create enough adjectives to describe you shits, but I will keep trying. FUCK YOU money-grubbers, we will rebuild, and I will stand on my porch and tell you all to “Fuck Off”. I’m sick and tired of you mother fuckers.

The monies that are coming are the first payment on OUR reparations. There will be others to come.

I stand for all of New Orleans.

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