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December 15, 2011

To my Friends in the Battle

Filed under: New Orleans — Morwen Madrigal @ 8:16 pm

They will be coming for us soon, those of us that continue the fight of the Status Quo. They can’t find me yet… I have a different ID than that who I am. When I return to my house, they will know where to find me.

I will surrender as a person who lives by the Constitution. I am sworn to protect the ideas of this document, and the peoples it is to protect.

I have been in jail; for my beliefs and what I protect. Looks like soon I will be there again.  Continue the fight and not worry for me. This is my stand.

There are times some of us must stand. The Hippies (who I was with), backed down against to Power. I never backed down… That’s why I am here now… I fight.

Look at what we are fighting for and make your decisions: do you desire an Empire where you have no choice, or a Democracy where you have a chance to do what you believe?

It is your choice, but those of us who fight will continue. Can you join us?

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