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November 27, 2008

The War On Christmas

Filed under: Religious Reich — Morwen Madrigal @ 10:58 am

Okay, it’s Thanksgiving… I’m starting the cooking and I wind up here trying to slay the “War On Christmas” shit again.

The Season of Lights, the Mid-Winter Solstice belongs to many cultures. Christians don’t own it, but they think they do. My people called it Yule, and it was a time for sharing as it was the middle of the Winter and everyone shared what they had so that the tribe could survive until the Spring. Same thing holds for Eostore which is the Pagan celebration of the coming of Spring. These celebrations are ancient.

There is no proof that a man 2,000 years ago was born on Dec. 25th or was crucified in the Spring 30 years later. These are our celebrations and we willingly share them with others. These days belong to every one.  These celebrations date back over 10,000 years. They belong to all of Humanity and not to a few mooks with an attitude.

There was a t-shirt around years ago that showed a skinny monk wearing a hooded robe pulling a Western Flyer wagon filled with Yule trees, colored eggs and bunnies.  The caption read, “For the One True Religion, you sure stole a lot of our stuff”. Ain’t it the fucking truth.

Augustine, who was sent to Britain in the Seventh Century issued an edict that churches were to be built upon and incorporate the stones of the Sacred centers so that the “people” would come to worship there. He also co-opted our seasonal celebrations in order to incorporate and transform what we Pagans believe into the religion of Rome. If conversion by the sword didn’t work, they would go with a psyche game.

Centuries later they would wind up burning the last of my tribe in an attempt to have complete control over the souls of the folk. Unfortunately for the dress-wearing pederasts in Rome, some of us survived. This I do know because I was there. Folk who just honored the Goddess and the cycles of Nature were be-headed or drowned or burned at the stake. They burned me, all for the sake of their “merciful” God.

So when Bill O’Rielly or the mook Dr. James Dobson (FoF) starts their annual campaign about the “War On Christmas”,  my hackles get raised. What the fuck do these assholes know about the Spirit of the Season? Yes the time is very commercialized, but we give each other gifts. We, for at least a tiny portion of the year remember that we are a part of the Whole. We actually “feel” our connection with what is called Humanity. I have no idea what they feel.

So we don’t think about a “baby lying in a manger”. The concept of shepards and three Wise Men don’t enter our celebrations. We drink, and eat and gift each other. Doesn’t this fit with what Jesus was about? Isn’t this what it’s all about?

Once a year, our annual cycle around the Sun, we are actually nice to each other. Would that everyday be Christmas.

So Mr. O’Rielly and Dr. Dobson, the only “War On Christmas” is the battle you and your kind wage against those of us who actually “get” the Spirit of the Season. Us real folk are going to eat, drink and be merry. And you mooks can just fuck the Hell off.

And now I must go to prepare a feast.

UPDATE- Forgot to include Donald Wildmon as one of the insane mooks.


  1. Hey! It’s Susan from GayWallet. This is a great post! (Actually, I like a lot of them, especially about the kitty in the flood that found a home with the old lady. Sad, but also very sweet…animals rock!)

    Anyway, even though I am a Christian, I am not a mook (um….at least I don’t think I am…. what is that exactally…?).
    I totally agree with what you said about eat, drink, sharing in humanity, gifts, joy. ect.
    I was raised to NEVER condem ANYONE for who they were or what they believed. O’Reilly is just plain stupid, and I wish Dobson would SHUT-UP because he gives Christians a BAD NAME!!! OY!!!!

    I didn’t know about some of what you posted, and I REALLY appreciate you sharing your knowledge. I like to stay open minded and learn new things.
    Thank you for a great post, and Merry Christmas (early) to you, thanks for truly keeping the spirit of the season alive.
    Peace Always – Susan

    Comment by Susan Harley — November 29, 2008 @ 1:57 am

  2. Susan, thou are not a mook.

    I can only remember one source for the term “mook” and that came from the late Ashley Morris. He used the term and fuckmook concerning those people who trashed New Orleans and the possibility of our rebuilding.

    Here in the insane asylum called New Orleans, mook is a common term.

    And please know that I am not anti-Christian- I have had and still do have many Christian friends. I respect them and treasure them. They actually understand the words of a Teacher from many centuries ago. My life has been enriched by them.

    Now as to the Religious Reich, the insane maniacs who only hate and cannot love, I reserve my contempt and ire for them. Those who wouldn’t spare kind words for a person dying from AIDS, those who exhort their minions to beat to death what is seen as the “Other”… those creatures who seek to remove the rights and liberties that the One grants us as Human Beings, well… they are the ones I fight.


    Comment by Morwen Madrigal — November 29, 2008 @ 8:40 am

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