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November 26, 2007

The Usual Suspects Arrive…

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Today on the steps of City Hall the usual suspects showed up to protest the fact that citizens and members of the City Council are questioning the recently signed garbage contracts. The protesters, including the loud-mouthed and worthless ministers, are calling any investigation into the garbage contracts “Racist”.

I am sick and tired of my “relatives” constantly screaming Racism and minority-bashing anytime a Black person is queried about business dealings. (Remember Oliver Thomas? Dollar Bill Jefferson?) And these fools keep claiming they are the wronged minority. Bullshit babies, you are the majority in this city and your leaders fucked all of us over with their greed.

Remember the paychecks from the School system to janitors and clerical workers that had been gone for years? What about the Brake Tag inspection centers and the damn traffic tickets mess?

The Social Contract calls for all of us to work together for the common good, not line our pockets at the expense of the others. It’s about working together… exactly what the Founders believed. I watch your back and you watch mine type of stuff.

Sadly there are certain Black folks who see Public Offices as piggy banks, and their relatives and friends get to ride on the gravy train provided by those elected. They consider it their “right”.

None of my ancestors held slaves. My New Orleans family were free people of color and my father’s line were Quakers. I’m freakin’ sick and tired of hearing the old, worn-out, litany from the Black community that if you have pale skin you are the enemy. My parents fought for civil rights for Black folks years ago. I have fought all of my life for the same principles, but now the Black cross-bearers are calling those of us who desire to know what really went down with these garbage contracts racists?
Here in New Orleans this crap has to fucking stop.

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  1. Yeah, Girl! It amazes me that the usual suspects yell and gnash their teeth over things like this (showing their vested interests?) yet ignore more rampant, sometimes-but-not-always-subtle racist acts, patterns and traditions. As a black person, these garbage contracts are not a threat to my civil rights. It looks like the company owners knew exactly what they were signing and City Hall didn’t. That’s not racism–that’s sheer fucking stupidity from people paid not to be dumbasses.

    And you are right–too many black politicians and others see City Hall as their personal bank account and that is just as harmful as “racism” because who do they hurt? People of color, the poor, schoolchildren, their mothers and aunties and cousins. Inequality, graft and fraud are not okay if you are in a racial majority or are from a traditionally oppressed group.

    This whole episode has just pissed me off…..

    Comment by G Bitch — November 27, 2007 @ 12:11 pm

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