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December 20, 2008

The UN Considers My Tribes As Part of the Human Family

Filed under: Inter/Trans-Sexed,LGBT — Morwen Madrigal @ 3:50 am

Of course the U.S., the fucking Vatican, China and the Muslim countries opposed this declaration by the United Nations.

Why am I not surprised? The filth of rabid crosswearers (who don’t understand the meanings of their supposed Founder’s words) and the crap of Islam will always be opposed to freedom and equal rights for my tribes.  China is just a given when it comes to individual rights.

My kind- failed mosaics now number 1 in every thousand births. Homosexuals (not just the boys) are probably 1 in every hundred births.  Studies of sealife are showing massive scenarios of hermorphic fish. (This comes from our chemical pollution of the World)  Endocrine disruption in Utero has been rising for decades.

We didn’t ask for this, but we revel in our selves and lives.  We live our lives even with the duress of cultures that can only see male/female, yes/no, black/white… a polar belief system trying to oppress our being.

All of Life is a spectrum. As a scientist I know this to be true. There are many flavors in Physics, and there are many flavors when it comes to Humanity.  My question is what is the right flavor when it comes to Humankind?

The answer is that all flavors work. I don’t give a shit about what people do, as long as it doesn’t harm others.  Sex (which I can never know) is an individual thing. There is no quantifying that which two people experience together.  I have a partner who wraps her arm around me at night and  I snuggle in closer.  We argue and disagree, but really we are on the same page. When shit comes down we hold each other. When she is not with me I get scared… what happens to the two of us is one thing, but to lose my better half is a horror I don’t wish to face.

Where is the lack in Humanity in all of the above? Why are LGBT folks hated? Why are folks like me are demonized?

We are just Human, made as biology made us. We are just like all of the rest of Humanity, but with a twist. We live and love. We are not pediphiles, those kinds are 99% “straight.

Just let us have our rights under the Constitution. You may not like my tribes, but we don’t hurt you. What we are is ordained by Nature and it’s just how we are, and there isn’t any way to change that.

We are good people, and it’s far past time for me and mine to be stop being demonized. And I for one is just the kind that will fight to the death for my tribes’ rights and acceptance.

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