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July 21, 2012

The Magical Pill

Filed under: New Orleans — Morwen Madrigal @ 2:31 pm

Just took my magical therapy pill. Rock-n-roll filling the room.

Trying to see how long it takes to send me to bed. It is a good time for looking backwards.

All of what I’m having to do is ending my depression. Easier than I thought it would be. I haven’t forgotten Betts or any of the Hell of the last two years… It now stands as what it was: a rough ride. I’m getting ready to jump back into the fray in a few weeks. I’ve been away far too long.

And I will not repeat the mistake of February. I can’t buy the ticket for a quick way out of this World: I’m in it for the long haul. The Goddess has spoken.

I have to walk my Path to the end.

I know what it feels like to give up on this World. The waves can beat the Hell out of you as you slog through the morass. Soon all you want to do is lie down and let things happen. When you do that you are giving up self and your purpose.

Luck was on my side as I have folk pulling for me on this level and on a higher one. There was also that deep feeling that I must help, not run away. Things said had to be honored and fought for.

My sworn promise: ain’t gonna pull that stunt again. I know to reach out when I am hurt. To curl up in my bower and focus on what is important and gently heal.

Be Blessed my friends. Never worry about me unless I call Pax, I need a breather.

We have a war to fight.

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