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March 16, 2007

S&WB Fun and Games

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Today I woke up, looked out the front door, and noticed that one of the four water meters just off my porch was spewing lots of fresh water. Turns out it wasn’t our rental, but the shotgun behind us. I did my duty and called the emergency line for the S&WB to report the breakage.

Hours later I return home to find no leaking water, but that my home and others on this block have no public water at all. I guess our repair folks just don’t work after 5 PM and they just shut down the entire area. Yes, I have a call in on this poop too.

We have elderly and children here. I’m permanently disabled, and now none of us can bathe, run water for cooking and our toilets won’t flush, just cause the Emergency Repair boys can have a weekend at the rates they are being paid. ( I do have distilled water for cooking and drinking)
The S&WB is losing over $200,000+ a month for the unknown leaks in our water systems, and when citizens clue them in to obvious, fixable leaks, this is how the response goes down? Shut the block down and we’ll get to it when we want to?

Fuck this kind of shit!We pay handsomely for the services of the S&WB, even if my doc says NOT TO DRINK THE WATER, and this is how they deal with doing their J.O.B.s. and what they think of their charges.

UPDATE-  Hey! the thing about my water being cut off? It turns out that my landlord doesn’t pay for water in the rent, and he hadn’t told me this over the last year of renting here. I tried to connect this rental to our account in Gentilly, but no go until Monday on that one, which means, judging from the pace at which the water folks move, I might have water come Thursday. I can’t wait to get back into our own home, a place where WE take care of everything, and we don’t have to deal with idiots who lack a first grade education for our existence.

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