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July 10, 2007

Sin-nator Vitter’s “Past”?

When I posted last night on this breaking news, I couldn’t go much farther than just the current scoop. I’d heard rumours about Saint David Vitter, but had no real sources to verify them.

Here’s the best round-up of these sources, Oyster over at Your Right Hand Thief gives us the smoking gun. (Or is that a “dripping” gun?)

Ah Sin-nator? For the good of our State, and especially for those of us who are trying to rebuild our homes after the Federal Flood of 8/29, I ask that you now resign from your office, and resign yourself to your fate which will be meted out by your wife. For all of us impacted by your hypocrisies, it would be for the best. You ARE NOT the kind of person we need at this point in time. (Or at any time… )

Update- WDSU has some more on Vitter’s dealings with the Canal Street Madam.

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