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April 3, 2007

NM Makes Medical Maryjane Legal!

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Thank the Goddess! Another state and it’s people show some freakin’ Humanity. LINK

I am one of the Founding Mothers of this movement, and I’m also a recipient of the value and life-saving quality of this little herb. Twice my little weedy friend has pulled my tush away from the abyss we call Death. In day-to-day life my little friend helps with the pain and debilitation caused by the drugs I had to take years ago. (periphrial nerve damage)

To anyone who stands in the way of this new wave: FUCK YOU! And, if you are coming at this because of WWJD, I’ll stick your crucifix in a place you don’t want it to go. Those of us who are hurting, and freakin’ surviving, need a little comfort and peace. We need to be able to eat, to not be tortured by physical, drug-caused anomolies… we need to be able to rest from the war that is day-to-day for our club. (Yes, we might be a little stoned, but you never want to meet me in pain and misery… “She’ll rip your lungs out Jim!”)

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