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July 11, 2006

Negligent Homocide?

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Well, if this is the way it will go down in Boston, why can’t it happen here? (Emphasis mine)
“Mass. Attorney General Tom Reilly said he plans to treat the site as a crime scene that could lead to negligent homicide charges. The attorney general’s office has already begun to issue supoenas to those involved in design, manufacturing, testing, construction, and oversight of the panels and tunnel.

“What we are looking at is anyone who had anything that had to do with what happened last night,” Mass. Attorney General Tom Reilly said. “No one is going to be spared.”



  1. Excellent find!

    (You may have to redo the link, though.)

    Comment by oyster — July 11, 2006 @ 5:40 pm

  2. *curtsey* Once in a while gems pop up.

    Link fixed… I had the URL for an earlier feed. Thanks for pointing that out Bivalve!

    Comment by Morwen Madrigal — July 11, 2006 @ 7:28 pm

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