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April 6, 2008

More On Sally Kern and the Wasteland of Mentality That Seems to be Oklahoma

Okay, with Ashley’s death, house poop and me fighting a psychotic break, this little piece of info (background) comes to me from my friend Cyndi in Chicago (Cyndi’s Circle) via her e-list and mine.

I must post the entire thing here, ’cause I don’t know if ya’s would be accepted in either of our lists. (They are for Trans folk.)

Here we go… and Ms Kern is standing there with a crucifix sticking out of her bottom. (Goddess, cannot we smite these fuckmooks? Puleeease?):

Sally Kern Scrubs Gay Son?

Uh-oh! Could foul-mouthed Sally Kern’s secret be out of the bag?
The Oklahoma lawmaker’s homophobic remarks have been the talk of the town recently, especially her assertion that gay folk are infiltrating schools to indoctrinate children. And, sensing a critical national spotlight, Kern made a very suspicious change to her official government homepage.

If you compare a March 4th cache and today’s version, you’ll notice that Kern and/or her staff deleted a biographical sentence mentioning her two adult sons, Jesse and Nathan. Obviously our warning bells went off, so we did a little digging and found something quite queer.

Consider comment seventeen on this Tulsa World article:
“How come no-one asks this “supposed” christian woman..about her own GAY son? The one she basically has dis-owned…ahh so christian.”
What?! Kern and her Baptist preacher hubbie had a homo? And they disowned him?

That’s some Alan Keyes shit…A little more digital detective work dug up numerous postings naming Jesse as the outcast offspring. One even recalls Jesse’s time at Oklahoma Baptist University, where he was apparently “the biggest queen on campus”:

“I find it hilarious that Salacious Sally is such a bigot. Her son Jesse was the biggest queen on the campus of OBU in the mid-90’s. Twice he almost was expelled for making inappropriate advances in the library toilets. When he wasn’t cruising the toilets he was in the glee club and a piano major…there’s your sign.”
Another comment, punches holes through Kern’s religious extremism and suggests Jesse’s homosexuality pushed Sally Kern over the edge:
Jesse Kern, Sally’s son, was raised in a strict Baptist environment. If your claims are true then you must blame her and her husband for his turning out that way. Most gays aren’t out there breaking the law and engaging in public sex acts and solicitation. Jesse chose criminal behavior to act out on his desires.

“I see in this foolish woman much anger and resentment. Her beliefs are challenged within herself, because if she stands by them then she must accept her part in her son being a homosexual. She isn’t strong enough to do that. Instead, she has created a paranoid delusion that there is some vast conspiracy of gays infiltrating schools and governments to turn others gay and force their lifestyles on everyone. Her subconscious has created this great gay evil so she doesn’t have to blame herself and she says her son as a victim.
Had the gays infiltrated Jesse’s school and indoctrinated him then? Funny, how he attended Baptist schools. His attendence [sic] at Oklahoma Baptist University was marred by his repeated censure for cruising the school’s toilets. Had he been able to live his life openly he would not have had to engage in such actions.”
Those are some allegations! And potentially disastrous for “family friendly” Kern. It also makes you wonder how Kern and her ilk sleep at night – and whether they understand the concept of “hell”.


  1. Don;t you love these christian extremist they seem to believe everyone is subject to the ten commandments but them. What happened to Love thy neighbor? One would think the ten commandments would trump any “interpretation” of the bible. What haters. Christian my ass

    Comment by karen — April 6, 2008 @ 1:06 pm

  2. Oh don’t get me started on these fuckmooks Darlin’.

    I don’t subscribe to the 10 Commandments thingie. I live by 3 Rules- The Golden Rule, “Be Yourself’ and the Wiccan Rede that states “Do what thou wilt, and may it harm none”.

    One day the World will realize that the only thing in Life is to live your life and revel in the differences between ourselves, to take joy in the multitude of expressions of Life.

    Comment by Morwen Madrigal — April 6, 2008 @ 7:49 pm

  3. Hell hath no fury like a Fuckless Christian scourned, eh? Whenever I read the Bible as Science Fiction then everything makes a hell of a lott more sense. What a great post even on the third and fourth read.
    I’m at least as loathful of psychologists who post bi-carnal Vagina Surveys…so I hung it on da’Ladda…and referred to my “Trans Folk Friends”.
    Soooo can you and y’all go look at the post and hopefully dig my reverence.
    If youz think I stuck my faux in my paw then please let me know so I can pull the link forth’wit.
    But, if you feel even a smidge as gratified by my soul expression as I of yours, particularly this blog, then that is way’mo’betta and please do let me know that as well, eh?

    Love and t’anks,
    Editilla d’Aphasia

    Comment by New Orleans News Ladder — April 8, 2008 @ 1:10 am

  4. Darlin’, you are on safe ground with me concerning the V-Day post.

    I’m actually starting to write a little essay on my lost vagina and what it means to find it again. Maybe I’ll submit it at the survey site as another example of female genital mutilation in the cause of Societal bullshit. (it’ll definitely show up on this Blog)


    Comment by Morwen Madrigal — April 8, 2008 @ 6:09 pm

  5. What an evil whack-job Sally is.

    Poor Jesse, he probably has baggage from the hate that monster of a parent has bestowed on him.

    Ever notice how the biggest bloviarts of xianity are the least god-like creatures on the planet?

    And I am not even sure I believe in a god/ess … I just know people like that are not it!


    Comment by Diane W — April 9, 2008 @ 1:17 pm

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