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November 20, 2007

Managing Projects: Not the ACOE’s Longsuit

Why doesn’t the ACOE dig big holes in Georgia so that they have reservoirs for the next batch of rainstroms, and just “dispose” of the clay wastes into our levees?

It’s not rocket science you medaled boys and girls of the Army Congenital Order of Engineers. I just saved you billions 0f Dollars, and you can do two good things at once. (Ya’s can do two things at once, right?)

Wanna bet the Feds will find a regulation about this idea that fucks it up?


  1. Great idea! Except….They will tell you that the cost would be too great.

    Never mind the quarter of a million dollar FEMA mansions.

    Holy shit!!! I have just come up with a better idea than you. I’m a fucking genious…or however you spell it.

    I will post it this weekend. Pulitzer, take note you little stuck up bastards.

    Comment by D-BB — November 21, 2007 @ 2:15 pm

  2. Yes, they will tell you it costs too much, and they will be correct. Barging in from Miss right after the storm cost up to $85/yd. As an emergency measure to plug the gaps along MRGO right after the storm that made sense. The Corps also commandeered land on the inboard side of MRGO but that price is unknown because the litigation is still pending. Ill offered us mud in early 2006 at $40/yd, plus whatever the barge fee would cost.

    There are many internal disconnects inside the Corps that are artificially driving up the cost of levee and restricting the supply, componding the problem. The engineer part of the Corps is fixed on commandeering only uplands. No La gummit is likely to allow that option against unwilling landowners, especially when there are so many willing landowners who are seeking permits to provide clay. Full and open competition for clay contracts will increase the supply and reduce the cost. Unfortunately, the conflict inside the Corps between the regulators and the engineers over sourcing clay has cost us all a year. Making the 2011 goal for 100 year protection was always an iffy deal but now we’re really in a jam …. I’m doing my feeble best to get the policy problems unsnarled but I can’t report success yet.

    Comment by Kelly Haggar — December 3, 2007 @ 6:06 am

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