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March 9, 2007

I Want Don Powell’s Head on a Pike in My Yard…

WWL had this piece yesterday, and I was just way too fucking angry to respond then, but I’m a little calmer now (NOT!)

“President Bush’s top man in charge of the Gulf Coast recovery said that 18 months after Katrina, conditions in New Orleans are ‘better than he thought’ they would be.” 

WTF exactly does Powell mean by this? Better? Dammit! Folks have no homes, no jobs, no healthcare, no Psych care… Freakin’ nothing after 18 months of living in Post-Federal Flood New Orleans. That cesspool called NYC got immediate relief after some Saudis decided to crash planes into the WTC. We here in New Orleans are still trying to rebuild our lives a year and a half later whilst wading through red tape and misery.

And then this walking penis states that, “Things are better than he thought they would be.”? Shit white boy… we have recovered much faster than this from natural disasters, but I just guess that it being a Federally mandated catastrophe makes stuff different. Wake up and smell the mold asshole: WE ARE NOT FREAKIN” OK! (Only a policy wonk could see things this way.)

Donnie boy? I want you to walk through Gentilly with me, through the Lower Ninth, Mid-City, Lakeview and NW Carrolton and then look me in the eye and explain how things are doing better than your guv’mit expected. I want you to face me and tell me what you jerks “expected” to happen. Then I’ll behead your sorry ass and place your pained expression on a pike in my front yard.

The excesses and material nature of your National Culture are slowly killing us down here in the swamps. You pay lip-service to helping us rebuild after a Federally created disaster to our lives. I want your damn lips to kiss my panty-clad ass, and then make things right.

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  1. That’s right, girl! You tell those fuckers–this was a federally created decimation of a critical American city. Why won’t ANYone acknowledge or remember that? Keep up the good fight, doll!

    Comment by gbitch — March 9, 2007 @ 5:08 pm

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